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5-Minute Workout: 
Band Walk

Nov 09, 2013 06:00PM ● By Katie Anderson
Similar to the “Rockers” exercise, this workout tones the lower half—specifically inner and outer thighs and glutes. A resistance band will be needed for this exercise.

Setup & Starting Position

1. While holding the handles of the band, step on it with both feet so that it goes below the arches of your feet.



1. Moving in a straight line, stride out to one side as far as you can.


2. Bring feet back together.


3. Continue strides until you have traveled about 15 feet, then reverse strides, moving the same distance in the opposite direction.

4. Repeat both ways two times.

Sarah Egan, BS, CPT, HKC, CES, is the Personal Training Department Head with Nebraska Elite Sports & Fitness Complex. For more information, visit
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