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Best of Omaha 2024 Results

Nov 07, 2023 04:04PM ● By Kim Carpenter

Who doesn’t love a touch of regal, royal blue? The color, particularly the deep, dark bluest blue of lapis lazuli, has always connoted notions of strength, courage, wisdom, truth, and loyalty. In its semi-precious form, lapis lazuli also serves as a traditional gift for those marking 32nd anniversaries—wedding or otherwise. For this reason, the art department at Omaha Magazine selected it as the thematic hue to represent our 32nd annual Best of Omaha Results Issue.

The winners are, simply put, true blue. The public can count on them as being the best of the best. On behalf of the entire team at Omaha Magazine, we extend our heartiest congratulations to this issue’s winners. They excel in their designated categories, and they deserve the accolades and public support received in our online voting.

We owe tremendous gratitude to those voters. They, too, are true blue, beyond blue, in fact. Their turnout this year was nothing short of phenomenal. We were blown away by the tens of thousands of people who took the time out of their busy lives to express their commitment and dedication to the business owners who provide the goods and services we all rely on and enjoy. This level of engagement is a testament to the community as a whole. It’s people supporting people.

This is exactly why Omaha is such a special place to live and a city like none other. Best of Omaha is reflected in the places we choose to do business and the people who support them. Whether it’s finding the perfect place to indulge in a weekend brunch or booking a reliable repair service, you will find what you’re looking for in these pages. Consider Best of Omaha 2024 your guidebook for the coming year. Whatever you want, whatever you need—it’s all printed right here. Highlight listings, bookmark sections, dog ear corners. Keep the magazine close. The best of Omaha is literally at your fingertips.

For 32 years, the team at Omaha Magazine has been dedicated and passionate about bringing readers these annual results. We hope you enjoy visiting your tried and true establishments and congratulating them; we also invite you to discover fresh favorites, ones that, while perhaps out of the blue, will nevertheless introduce you to new goods, services, and friendly faces.

Congratulations again to all of this year’s winners and a very hearty thank you to Best of Omaha 2024’s voters.
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