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Home Magazine - November/December 2023

Oct 21, 2023 06:31PM ● By Sandy Matson
Where on earth has 2023 gone? It seems like we just opened a new calendar to January, and here we are, getting ready to celebrate  November and December's holidays. And what celebrations we will have! While many of us are planning on turkeys and roasts this time of year (how many pounds at what oven temperature for how long again?), consider another tradition. Pheasant hunting is a particularly time-honored family pastime during fall and winter in Nebraska, and Trent Leichleiter, managing partner at Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club near Tekamah, shares his expert tip on page 36 for keeping the bird you serve at your holiday table moist and succulent. 

If you’re looking to add a dash of nostalgic glimmer to your holiday season, take a look at how Jenna Gabrial Gallagher decks out her midcentury modern home. Vintage silver serving platters, cherished childhood items, and nature-based crafts are ways this homeowner approaches keeping tradition front and center for her Christmas celebration in her Westside home.

In this issue, you can also tour homes throughout the rest of the metro. Visit the sleek and organized “basecamp” that Nicole and Brian Mutchie have created for their active family. Clutter is reduced to a minimum with floor-to-ceiling shelving, designated spaces for everything, and a curated approach. Travel east, and meet the Moody family in the Elmwood Park/Dundee neighborhood. It’s impossible not to feel welcome in their charming Dutch colonial home, where friends, family, and neighborhood children regularly gather. Take a look at South Omaha's newly renovated Georgia Row apartments, which offer much welcome affordable housing to neighborhood residents. 

Feeling welcome is what it’s all about during these months. Regardless of how you celebrate the end of the year, the Omaha Magazine family wishes you a happy, healthy, and sparkling holiday season!


Home Magazine - November/December 2023

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