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North End Teleservices: Carmen Tapio

Nov 13, 2020 08:31AM ● By T S
Carmen Tapio of North End Teleservices

North End Teleservices owner Camen Tapio believes that when any of Omaha’s neighborhoods succeed, the whole city is enriched. Since the call center opened in North Omaha in 2015, Tapio has watched her business create enrichment for North End clients, the staff, and the community. 

“Our involvement in the community to support diversity and inclusion remains a top priority. North End Teleservices advocates for community equity and uplifting people so they can thrive regardless of the area in which they may reside.”

For more than four years, North End Teleservices has remained a place of growth and opportunity. They have expanded their scope of whole-person advocacy, and set the bar to ensure their employees continue to succeed. 

North End Teleservices is increasing its economic impact, exceeding $221,000 annually per job. Additionally, their customer experience has proven to be unlike anything in the industry.

“We are dedicated not just to providing excellent customer service to our clients and customers, but dedicated to each other,” Tapio said. “We are a family built on a foundation of service excellence, integrity, respect and inclusion.”

North End Teleservices
1500 N. 24th St.
Omaha, NE 68110

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