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A Night of Pop Magic

May 08, 2019 04:06PM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman

At the end of the video for P!nk’s first solo hit, “There You Go,” the pop singer crashes a motorcycle off a rooftop into an ex-boyfriend’s apartment in a shower of broken glass and fire, then jumps up and down and laughs at her antics.

Last night’s show at CHI Health Center imitated the end of her first video. Close to 9 p.m., the singer of everything from 25 percent of “Lady Marmalade” to “The Truth About Love” arrived onstage aboard a pink and silver chandelier announcing the theme of the night with her 2001 hit “Get the Party Started.”

She dazzled the audience with her entrance, and before they realized what happened, the background changed from pink to blue and P!nk slowed the tempo slightly for “Beautiful Trauma.”

Seemingly without ever stepping offstage, she came back on wearing a long pink and black jacket, and one black glove, for “You’re Just Like A Pill.”

And though P!nk has earned the right to call herself a superstar, her reputation for being a no-nonsense, down-to-earth woman came through loud and clear.

“Oh! Are those for Willow?” the singer proclaimed, crouching down to gather a couple of stuffed animals for her child from front-row fans. “That’s so cool! Willow’s really into sloths right now.”

In another instance she laid down right onstage to reach out and hug a fan who was celebrating a sobriety anniversary.

Then, poof! She rose above everyone again, standing on the belly of one of her dancers as the pair spun in the air.

The aerials became an enchanted forest, complete with people bearing candelabra and wearing large, creepy animal heads.

That’s when it became clear—each song was an individual performance, replete with its own set design, dancers, singers, and more. P!nk harmonized with her backups among pyrotechnics for “Just Like Fire,” slowed it down to an intimate acoustic set for “Barbies,” and entertained at every turn.

The music was real, the performer was human, and the performance was a singular sight to behold. P!nk might be a color of innocence, but her name should be Red!, because this show was red hot.