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Order 'Go Vote For Us' Cards

Order Go Vote For Us Cards

There are two ways to order custom 'Go Vote For Us' cards

  1. If you are a current advertiser, contact your sales representative at (402) 884-2000 to order cards. They will include the cost of your custom cards onto your next ad insertion invoice.
  2. Use the PayPal buy now button to purchase online.  After your purchase you will be redirected back to this page to fill out the information form below.  If the form is not filled out we will still contact you however filling the form out will speed up the process.
The rate for the cards is the same for advertisers and non-advertisers.

$70 for 1,000 cards $110 for 2,500 cards $140 for 5,000 cards. $200 for 10,000 cards. No other price breaks. Order twice for higher quantities.

Custom cards are standard business card size. The trim size is 3.5 x 2 inches. There is a .125 inch bleed on all four sides. And we recommend a .25 inch safety inset from the edges for all important text and logos.

All design is done free of charge. The design of your card takes place after your order is received. 

Order now for Best of Omaha 2021

Voting begins July 1, 2020

Orders can be placed at any time however orders past June 15th, 2020 may not be back intime for the begining of voting

Once art is approved, delivery is in two weeks. 

Go Vote Cards

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