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Houck Transit Advertising: Pioneering Transit Advertising Excellence Since 1919

Mar 22, 2024 11:02AM ● By Houck Transit Advertising
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It is uncommon for a small family business to celebrate its 105th anniversary but this year Houck Transit Advertising has accomplished just that. For four generations our company has collaborated with numerous organizations to help build their brand and achieve their marketing goals in a unique way. Houck’s commitment to fostering brand awareness has enabled us to provide a sustainable revenue stream to a crucial yet often overlooked public service: public transit.

For 30 years, Houck has been a steadfast partner to Omaha’s OMetro Transit System, overseeing the sales and management of its transit advertising program. This collaboration has annually generated substantial revenue, reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for OMetro. By placing signs and wraps for local, regional and national brands on OMetro’s fleet of buses we are able to foster a strong private-public partnership that is important to all cities.

Throughout the country transit advertising has historically been a lesser known media option compared to other forms of advertising such as radio or TV. However, advertising on OMetro buses stands out as one of the most cost-effective and impactful methods to showcase brands and organizations throughout Omaha. With OMetro buses traversing thousands of miles each month, brands gain unparalleled visibility in the city’s busiest commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Notably, transit advertising represents a unique opportunity for organizations to reinvest directly into their communities, as the majority of the funds raised through advertising go directly back to OMetro.

“Since we began working with OMetro many years ago we have seen Omaha grow and evolve into the thriving city that it is today. Our entire team feels privileged to collaborate with organizations of all sizes across the market area, aiding them in achieving their marketing objectives while providing revenue to OMetro.”

For over a century, Houck Transit Advertising has been founded on the principles of delivering exceptional service and value to our clients and partners. Our team remains dedicated to upholding this legacy and contributing to the vibrancy of Omaha’s advertising landscape.

Houck Transit Advertising
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