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Cruising on a Dream

Mar 21, 2024 01:51PM ● By Julius Fredrick
Cruising on a Dream John Uhrich’s Rolls Royce Cullinan Turns Heads, Accelerates Motivation b2b april may 2024 how i roll

Photo by Bill Sitzmann.

John Uhrich’s Rolls Royce Cullinan [5 Images] Click Any Image To Expand
"I started in secondary ticket sales when I was 21 years old in September of 2003 with $100 in my bank account,” said John Uhrich, his early days as an entrepreneur defined by an exchange of grit for hard lessons; the price of admission for a career in sales. “We started with an ad in the Omaha World-Herald, that just said: ‘Buy and sell tickets.’ We primarily did Nebraska Football and College World Series […] The business was much different then, primarily cash transactions. And then, in 2006-2007, Stubhub came around and really changed how people purchased tickets.”

Uhrich, approaching 25 at the time of Stubhub’s paradigm-shifting ascent, saw an opportunity—and he was nimble enough to seize it. Today, he owns one of the nation’s top secondary market ticket reselling companies, Box Office Ticket Sales, with around 40 employees spanning offices in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, and Omaha. After 21 years of building his business, he’s also the proud owner of a new, rarified “statement piece:” the 2023 Rolls-Royce ‘Black Badge’ Cullinan.

“There’s just a class, there’s a certain framework to the grille, that’s always been a classic. You can go back to a 1950s Rolls-Royce, and they’ve never changed that front grille,” Uhrich explained. “And you know, I think my staff has enjoyed looking at the car. I think it motivates a lot of people. I think it puts people in a spot to think about how to obtain those things—being a great salesperson or investing—and making those decisions down the road.”

Uhrich also noted that the vehicle is representative of the “flair and attitude” he aims to cultivate throughout his company culture. Between the upgraded performance of the Black Badge edition, the twin coach lines over a deep ‘Salamanca Blue’ exterior, and of course, the retractable ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament, the Cullinan is practically moxie on wheels.

It’s the interior, however, that caught Uhrich’s eye over sportier options. The contrast of the ‘Muscari Blue’ and ‘Forge Yellow’ seats combined with the paneling supercharge the cabin with a kinetic energy the ignition switch—and the twin-turbo V12 engine under the hood—promise to make good on for the driver. Meanwhile, hundreds of fiber-optic lights sparkle the vehicle’s ceiling, creating the illusion of a starry night replete with shooting stars. While these features certainly impressed Uhrich during the test drive, it’s the relatively unembellished dashboard and silky smooth suspension that ultimately sold him on the Cullinan.

“It’s like floating on air,” Uhrich observed.

Still, there are some logistical issues inherent in owning one of 12 Cullinans in the state of Nebraska—namely, the lack of service options. The nearest authorized dealer is in Minneapolis, although Uhrich plans to make Miami the Cullinan’s vacation home.

“It will probably be back and forth [between Omaha and Miami], and that makes it easy so you can get it serviced down there,” he said. “[There are] a few more Rolls Royce dealerships in South Florida than Omaha.”

Minor inconveniences aside, there’s a reason Uhrich’s business is headquartered in Omaha.
“We’ve found the workforce in Omaha to be a lot more reliable, steady, and coachable. And without a doubt, Omaha has been the best home for us and our 40 [local] employees,” he affirmed.

Ultimately, there’s a reason the Cullinan returns to dazzle the unassuming parking lot in front.
“I mentor a lot of young entrepreneurs—you know, I got started at 21 [years old]—I mentor a lot of people getting started in the business, [and] they want to see that statement piece at the end of the road, right?” Uhrich reiterated. “And the first two to five years is not going to be rewarding, it’s going to be a lot of stomach acid.”

For those willing to endure the early speed bumps and navigate the winding routes of entrepreneurship, the rewards can be monumental.

“It’s a masterpiece (the Cullinan) that you get for two decades of growth, consistency, and company culture—it’s a statement for success.”

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