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Husch Blackwell: An Upscale Office for a Busy Team

Mar 21, 2024 01:43PM ● By Tamsen Butler
Husch Blackwell in the ofice b2b april may 2024

Photo by Bill Sitzmann.

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The team at law firm Husch Blackwell had numerous discussions about where to locate their office upon the expiration of their lease at the building on 132nd and Dodge. Should they return to the downtown area where their offices were once located, or should they find a new location nearby?

Staying in West Omaha proved to be the popular choice. When the team toured the building on Branch Street, they were struck by the campus, viewing it as an ideal choice. Ample parking and close proximity to the burgeoning Heartwood Preserve retail development immediately caught the team’s attention, as did the impressive exterior of the building.

Husch Blackwell’s new office is located near the Dodge Expressway, making the commute easier to navigate than it might have been had they returned to a downtown location. Some partners joked that they liked being near the ONYX Automotive campus because they can look out the window and watch their own luxury cars being serviced.

The entrance to the new Husch Blackwell space is welcoming, with a glowing fireplace and an attractive seating area that seems reminiscent of a living room in an upscale apartment. Visitors can either turn right to visit offices or veer left to stop by the Cather Café, a kitchen/breakroom that overlooks the retail development south of the building. Employees can enjoy snacks and coffee while taking a break in this space.

Truly, there’s not a bad view in the building. With ample natural light from an abundance of digitally controlled windows that adjust tint as the sun moves, the space has an open feel. The walls of the office feature artwork that was selected by an art committee comprising employees who wanted a say in the visuals they’d encounter while working. The committee, led by Senior Manager of Architecture & Design Samantha Puckett, seemed to favor monochromatic art, although new art is still scheduled to be displayed.

There’s no “corner office” at Husch Blackwell. Instead, a pleasant seating area with chairs and coffee dominates the corner, creating a space that is suitable for collaboration or a moment of relaxation.

Partner Adam Charlsen enjoys the new space, but is particularly proud of the records area, which is smaller than it has ever been before. “We reduced our records storage by 75%,” he said, proudly gesturing to the well-organized storage space. He said digitization and sending physical records off-site help keep the clutter down.

Throughout the office, the current trend of hoteling desks is apparent. With ample, flexible work areas alongside assigned offices, the Husch Blackwell office demonstrates an appreciation of flexibility in where and how their team works. They needed a space appropriate for hybrid workers and clients alike, along with those who prefer to work a traditional schedule in the office. Standing desks, lockers, and collaboration spaces demonstrate Husch Blackwell’s dedication to allowing employees the flexibility they need to thrive in their positions.

“Clients absolutely love the new office,” said Charlsen, who went on to explain that the team can host client meetings, pitches, and parties in their new space. The building boasts some communal spaces to which tenants have access, such as a modern bar called the “Gold Room” and a gym featuring well-maintained equipment.

“This office is a big win for us!” exclaimed Charlsen, a sentiment echoed by Zach Wiegert, Managing Principal at Goldenrod Companies, which owns the building. As the campus continues to grow, Charlsen and his team are thrilled to call Branch Street home for Husch Blackwell.

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