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Get Fit in the Metro

Feb 21, 2024 02:45PM ● By Natalie Veloso
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Whether you're a veteran gym-goer or someone venturing into the world of fitness for the first time, Omaha's independent gyms accommodate all levels and goals. Spanning boutique-style studios to expansive workout areas, these six gyms stand out for their distinct atmospheres and dedicated commitment to helping you reach your fitness targets. Delve into this lineup of Omaha's independent gyms, each offering a personalized fitness journey and an environment tailored to empower and elevate your workout routine to new heights.

12550 West Maple Rd, Omaha, NE | 
GillyFit, led by Cole Gilliland, embodies a philosophy of gradual improvement, aiming not for perfection, but daily progress. With a background in Exercise Science, Gilliland infuses both theoretical knowledge and practical experience into GillyFit's ethos. Stepping into this gym means entering a familial space where individual fitness journeys are nurtured. Dedicated to inspiring daily 1% improvement for every member, Gilliland and the GillyFit family ensure a supportive environment regardless of one's starting point in their fitness journey.

Fit Culture
1258 Royal Dr, Papillion, NE | 
Fit Culture prides itself on fostering a supportive community while providing comprehensive training and nutritional advice for individuals of all athletic levels. Under the guidance of owner Cameron Kriglstein, a certified personal trainer, the gym offers a diverse array of programs ranging from Adult Boot Camp Classes and one-on-one Personal Training to specialized Youth Performance Training. Fit Culture emphasizes tailored fitness classes that adapt to individual fitness levels, ensuring inclusivity and progression. With a focus on building strong client relationships, the staff creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all members, complemented by nutritional lifestyle plans and online training options.

Fit Farm Omaha
4383 Nicholas St, Omaha, NE |
Fit Farm, an Omaha gym focused on strength and wellness, welcomes individuals of all ages, sizes, and abilities, driven by a common goal: growth. With a commitment to individualized service, Fit Farm offers CrossFit Classes, Personal Training, and nutritional guidance, aiming to foster growth in strength and agility, while maintaining a sense of community within a welcoming and diverse gym environment. Through exercise classes that blend cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics, Fit Farm prioritizes comprehensive health improvement alongside a holistic nutritional wellness program. On-site nutrition coaches, skilled in dietary and lifestyle modifications, collaborate to enhance overall well-being. 

Big Omaha Fitness
8529 Frederick St, Omaha, NE | 
Big Omaha Fitness stands out as Omaha's exclusive custom-built functional fitness center, boasting a spectrum of group fitness classes, personal training, and specialized nutrition coaching. Owned and operated locally by CrossFit luminary Stacie Tovar, it's a go-to destination for functional fitness. A vibrant community, skilled coaches, and adaptable fitness classes cater to diverse abilities, schedules, and lifestyles. Whether a seasoned competitor or not, everyone finds their niche at Big O Fitness. Tailoring programs like CrossFit Omaha, Go Fit Omaha, Big O Wellness, and Go Far Nutrition, this gym prioritizes individual health and fitness needs with varied schedules, ensuring inclusivity every day of the week.

Todd Smith Fitness
434 N 76th St, Omaha, NE | 
Voted Best of Omaha for over 10 years, Todd Smith Fitness redefines traditional gym experiences with over 36 years of expertise in physical training. Unique in its approach, this isn't just a gym; it's a transformative fitness journey. Founder Todd Smith recognized the gap in catering to adults seeking to become active or regain their fitness. With a personalized approach, the staff prioritizes the health and goals of each individual, ensuring safety and smiles throughout the process. Composed of a team of seasoned professionals, Todd Smith Fitness is committed to optimizing health, fostering energy, improving posture, and enhancing strength and flexibility, equipping members to tackle life's challenges head-on.

Dynamix Strength and Fitness
131110 Birch Dr, Ste 152, Omaha, NE 
Dynamix Strength and Fitness, a locally owned club in West Omaha, stands out for its collaboration with global fitness brands Les Mills and Kosama to offer premier group exercise classes. Founded by Sheri Idelman and Bri Buge in 2017, this female-owned fitness club delivers a personal trainer-quality workout in a dynamic group setting. With a wide array of formats covering kettlebells, TRX, cycling, yoga, kickboxing, weight training, and HIIT cardio, members experience new workouts daily. Access to over 25 formats and over 350 workouts, including Les Mills programs like Body Pump and Body Combat, ensures challenges suitable for every fitness level, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. 

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