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Bringing the Five Cs to the Capitol District

Nov 22, 2023 01:53PM ● By Tamsen Butler

Photo by Bill Sitzmann.

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Of the approximately 200 people who work at the Deloitte office space in the Capitol District downtown, not one has a better office than the other. Deloitte employees share the space together, deciding where they want to work that day depending on their project and mood. 

For some employees, that means setting up in one of the many “enclaves,” which are small rooms that provide privacy and quiet. For others, they gather in the Exploration Studio, an expansive room with a large conference table that doubles as a ping pong table. The staff sometimes uses this space to gather for meetings or to watch games on the big screens. Adjacent to the Exploration Studio is the kitchen space where coffee (flavored and otherwise) and snacks are provided to all employees. In this space, employees can also enjoy some sparkling water and nice views of the surrounding city through the spacious windows.  

Designed by HOK, a global design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm, and built by Turner Construction, the building has outdoor terraces that also offer lovely views of the Capitol District and the arch at the Gene Leahy Mall. Deloitte sometimes hosts social gatherings for employees on the terrace when the weather is nice, but employees can also bring their work to these outdoor spaces for a change of scenery. 

Most employees, by far, however, choose to congregate in the office flex space featuring stand-up desks and ample sound buffers. Here, collaboration thrives. Matt Mercer, Deloitte’s tax managing partner, said he was delighted to see different departments working side-by-side in this space because they probably would have been otherwise sectioned off in their previous offices. 

Deloitte moved to their new location in December of 2022 after more than two decades in the First National Building downtown. “We loved First National,” Dan Kinsella, managing partner, said. But the pandemic era taught them a lot about remote work and how the workplace of the future would look, so they knew they needed a space that would match the revolution of flexible work–and be suitable for the innovation and creativity that would flow through the space. 

“The hybrid work model is very important to our culture,” Mercer said, noting that the office promotes flexibility that makes it possible for employees to switch up their work environment frequently.

Kinsella explained that Deloitte looked at a variety of spaces, but ultimately, the Capitol District was the best fit for their culture. They simply wouldn’t consider a location that wasn’t walking distance to coffee shops because employees frequently enjoy taking meetings while walking and they enjoy when those walks are toward coffee. 

Kinsella explained that the Deloitte office operates under the “Five C’s” of connection, collaboration, client interactions, competency growth, and counseling. The office is designed with all these in mind. For example, the various meeting spaces throughout the office feature a thin line of film on the glass walls and doors so that someone passing through the hallway can’t see what is displayed on the monitors in the room, a confidentiality measure that allows the space to still feel open and spacious.

The walls feature images of iconic Omaha landmarks and quotes from famous Nebraskans, making the office space feel distinctly local despite Deloitte being a global brand. This business management consulting company has indeed created an innovative space for its employees and clients to collaborate and let creativity flow.

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