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Women in Business: 12 Points Technologies: Trish Cody, Co-owner

Nov 22, 2023 01:58PM ● By 12 Points Technologies
12 Points  Technologies Trish Cody, Co-owner women in business december 2023 january 2024

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When the first computer networks emerged in the early 1970s, so did the need for cybersecurity. Most wouldn’t know it, but the very first computer virus was launched in 1971 and was called The Creeper Virus. Today, it’s not only company computers that may be vulnerable; servers, systems, networks, data and even mobile devices need protection from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, said 12 Points Technologies Co-owner Trish Cody, whose company is a security-first managed services provider (MSP) specializing in cybersecurity and digital forensics. 

“Cybersecurity is the foundation of everything we do,” Cody said. “We are the first line of defense against cyberattacks for our clients. Everyone is under attack, whether they realize it or not; there is no such thing as ‘too small’ or ‘not having any data worth targeting.’ Those who think they don’t need it are the businesses that create the pass-through to breaches at larger businesses they work with. We have the expertise and tools to combat the risks. We also assist our clients with compliance and cyber insurance assessments.”

Cody is an Air Force veteran, making the company both woman- and veteran-owned. Other principals include Co-founder Tony Cody and Director of Business Development Eric Burns. The company began in 2004 under a different name and rebranded to 12 Points Technologies in 2015 in response to marketplace needs, Cody said. 

“When we started in 2004, our main focus was typical VAR (value-added reseller) services and break-fix. Very early on, we developed a services team and structure in response to our customers’ frustrations; this was before managed services was really an industry-standard service,” she explained. “Since about 2013, our focus shifted to security and forensics and has become the main interest of our business.”

12 Points Technologies stands out as the first to bring many security technologies to the Omaha market, Cody said, and was also the first MSP to include certain cybersecurity options as part of its standard services. 

“This is what we mean by ‘security-first,’” she said. “We are also a leader in the field of security orchestration. This is an automated response and update to emerging threats in real-time as they occur.” 

For example, if a remote hacker with an IP address overseas starts to show infiltration-type behaviors, that IP address would be automatically blocked until released. Or, if an employee at a company accidentally downloaded ransomware, their device would be automatically isolated until addressed and cleared.

“I should state here that in the entire 20 years that we have been in business, we have never had a device that is under our full suite of recommended security protection become infected with ransomware,” Cody said. “This is another reason we do not offer opt-out of protection layers. Our customers do not cherry-pick their levels of protection.”

The 12 Points Technologies team considers individual clients’ business, growth goals and operations in tailoring services to meet their unique needs, Cody added. But on behalf of all clients, the company is ceaselessly vigilant in a world of constantly shifting threats to cybersecurity. 

“We do not assume any issue is insignificant, and we hold ourselves to a high standard of response time, the same as we would want from our service providers,” she said. 

12 Points Technologies
3730 S 149th St, Suite 101
Omaha, NE 68144

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