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Omaha Chamber: The Urban Core of Omaha

Sep 21, 2023 03:47PM ● By Heath Mellow
Heath Mellow is CEO for the Greater Omaha Chamber.

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Understanding the Urban Core

Encompassing the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods, the urban core is Omaha’s beating heart. It is a hub of economic activity, cultural landmarks, and community engagement. As the city grows, addressing the challenges and opportunities that arise within the urban core is crucial. The Chamber has helped draft a strategy for this with the Urban Core plan, part of the 2040 Strategic 4Sight (S4S) initiative.

Infrastructure and Transportation

One of the key challenges Omaha’s urban core faces is the need for efficient and reliable infrastructure and transportation systems. To ensure smooth mobility and connectivity, the city must prioritize the development of a robust public transportation network, including improved bus routes, light rail systems, and bike-friendly infrastructure. By reducing reliance on private vehicles, Omaha can alleviate traffic congestion and promote a more sustainable urban environment.

Sustainable Development Strategies
Smart Growth and Urban Planning

Tackling urbanization is no small feat. Omaha must adopt smart growth and urban planning strategies, carefully managing the city’s expansion while preserving its unique character and natural resources. Through the S4S initiative, Omaha can create a more livable and environmentally friendly urban core by promoting mixed-use development, encouraging walkability, and maintaining green spaces.

Economic Development and Job Creation

A thriving urban core relies on a strong and diverse economy. Omaha must focus on attracting new businesses and nurturing entrepreneurship to create a robust job market. By providing incentives for investment, fostering innovation, and supporting small businesses, the city can stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life for its residents.

Social and Community Engagement

Affordable Housing and Inclusive Communities To grow the core of Omaha, we must address the issue of affordable housing and ensure that all residents have access to safe and affordable homes. The city can foster inclusivity and create a sense of community within its urban core by implementing policies that promote affordable housing developments and mixed-income neighborhoods. Proposed projects, like the redevelopment of the former Civic Auditorium, address these issues and will help make this possible. 

Cultural Preservation and Public Spaces

Preserving Omaha’s rich cultural heritage and creating vibrant public spaces are central in fostering a sense of place and community. The city should invest in the preservation of historic buildings, promote public art initiatives, and develop parks and recreational areas that cater to the diverse needs of its residents.

As Omaha embraces its future as a growing city, it must confront the challenges of urbanization head-on. By focusing on sustainable development strategies, prioritizing infrastructure and transportation improvements, and fostering social and community engagement, the city can create a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient urban core. With a clear vision, as shown in the 2040 S4S initiative, and strategic planning, Omaha has the potential to become a model for urban development in the heartland of America.

This article originally appeared in the October/November 2023 2023 issue of B2B Magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.  
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