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Greater Omaha Chamber: What Does it Take to Be the Best?

Mar 28, 2022 05:29PM ● By David Brown
David Brown, president and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber

 As a former athlete, I have always been impressed with what it takes to be the best of the best.  In my days as a high school football player, it always struck me that on virtually every team we played against—and even our own—there were a very small number of possible college-level players. These players were so clearly better than the supporting cast around them. Though, even with these stars there was a hierarchy as even fewer of these high achievers were potential Division One players. Then, when those players made it to the college level, even they all had to contend with the fact they were now surrounded by others of their same or better abilities.  At that level, there were even fewer players who were pro football caliber who could make it to the big show.  

How did they get to be so exceptional that they were at the top of heap? When did they realize that they had what it takes? You can do the same math on virtually any sport, and in a timely comparison, to Olympic athletes. Just what was it that made them work so hard to rise to that level of excellence when so many others aspired to that success but could not make it?

I contend much of the success centers around the person’s ability to find that drive within themselves to be the best. There is a lot to be said for God-given physical and mental gifts, but I think we all know of individuals described as phenoms who just didn’t quite make it. Gifts are important, but not in a vacuum. I return over and over again to the inner drive, the passion for excellence, the stubbornness not to give up. I think that same drive can be found in successful
business people.

In this edition of B2B Magazine, the publishers are celebrating businesses who were voted “Best of” by their readers.  I would suggest that you take some time to familiarize yourselves with the stories of these businesses and the focus the owners of these businesses have on leadership, customers, teams and markets.  When you do, I know you will find them to be people that are driven to succeed, passionate about their teams, and convinced that the best is yet to come. From all of us at the Greater Omaha Chamber, congratulations on your success.

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