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Security Mario Olivas

May 29, 2020 02:45PM ● By Tara Spencer

Mario Moreno Olivas
Sullivan’s Bar

When he’s not working as a quality inspector for Paxton & Vierling Steel, Mario Moreno Olivas spends part of his time working security, something he’s done since 2001.

“My training for the role of security was done in 10 minutes by the person who hired me, the day I started. He told me what I had to look for and how to react depending on the situation and the rest is history.”

Olivas doesn’t always look like the typical security guy. Friends say he usually dresses in a tucked-in Polo shirt, which has caused some people (OK, it was Adam Flohr) to dub him a “bro.” They quickly change their minds once they get to know him.

What Olivas enjoys most about his security job is not kicking people out, despite the reputation a lot of security workers have. 

“I love meeting new people…we talk about their lifestyle, hobbies, places they visit, things to do, etc.” 

If he had the time, and of course, the money, Olivas said he would own his own business—a small shop where he would make art from wood. It would expand on a hobby of his. “I make unique, one-of-a-kind ink pens out of resin and wood.”

The pandemic may not have affected his or his family’s health, but it has affected them financially. 

“I have an older brother that is very ill and not able to work, so I support him and his household financially…me not being able to work at the bar, it has put pressure on me [in much] the same way it has affected others.”

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