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Traditional Country House Meets Vibrant People

Sep 26, 2019 12:13PM ● By Linsey Lisowyj

Kim and John Erickson purchased a house outside of Blair, Nebraska, having fallen in love with pictures of the pool and the beautiful acreage on which the home sits. Sight unseen (at least in person), they closed on the house and moved in. Within the first month, Linsey Lisowyj answered Kim’s SOS call for an interior designer. The main level’s fragmented floor plan didn’t meet the requirements for the Ericksons’ love of entertaining.

The Ericksons had two major requests for the remodel: reconfigure the kitchen cabinetry to offer more storage and serving space; and expand the great room into the home office.

Their discussion led to napkin sketches; those sketches evolved into drafted plans and elevations in AutoCAD. Linsey began with the kitchen floor plan–its original shape was a single “bat wing” peninsula with a raised counter. It left a massive 12-foot expanse of floor space between the sink and the refrigerator and crowded the dinette seating area. Her solution was to straighten out the peninsula, shave off the raised counter, eliminate the bar seating, and add an eight-foot island. Tying in the Erickson’s custom artwork and furnishings in the dining room, Linsey suggested Sherwin-Williams’ Indigo Batik as the new island’s striking blue finish. New flooring, countertop, and backsplash selections were implemented, adding a chic sophistication lacking in the original design.

October Transformations house

Turning their attention to the great room, it was determined that the actual fireplace would remain in its original location; however, everything aesthetic would be repurposed in John’s future workshop.  

A consultation with their contractor, structural engineer, plumber, and electrician confirmed the removal of the wall between the existing great room and home office was possible and financially feasible. By eliminating this wall, there became nearly 30 feet of wow factor potential and a fireplace that need not move from its previous center.

Interior designers often have an innate ability to comprehend the elements and principles of good design. This is a skill Linsey has been honing (sometimes inadvertently) since she first saw a color wheel in elementary school. Subsequently, it’s the reason she welcomes the challenge of how to achieve balance on a uniquely long, asymmetrical wall. By implementing picture ledges of varying lengths, adding storage nooks hidden by custom cabinetry, and creating intentional display areas, she makes 30 feet feel cozy.

Prior to the remodel, the Ericksons’ home wasn’t functionally meeting their needs. Bland tile finishes, lack of interesting lighting, and excessive motif of country arches added to the tired, dated feel. Now, the Ericksons have a home that is uniquely theirs, exploding with texture, color, and creative solutions at every turn.

Linsey Lisowyj (pronounced lee-so-vay) is an Omaha native and graduate of University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Since 2007, she’s been professionally designing projects of all shapes and sizes nationwide, both residential and commercial. When she isn’t designing, Linsey moms-so-hard with her two kids, brews beer with her husband, practices yoga, and directs the Millard West HS Color Guard. Have a project in mind? Please reach her at [email protected]



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