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Gary Numan Plays the Slowdown Days After Fatal Tour Bus Accident

Sep 28, 2018 09:12AM ● By Justine Young

“Here in my car, I feel safest of all. I can lock all my doors, it’s the only way to live.”

Gary Numan’s 1979 hit song “Cars” has been a fan-favorite for decades, but the lyrics took on new meaning as the singer performed in downtown Omaha just four days after his tour bus fatally struck an elderly pedestrian. Fans of all ages gathered at the Slowdown on the night of Thursday, Sept. 27, to watch the artist perform.

Aside from the lyrics of his music, the British singer-songwriter didn’t speak a word to the crowd the entire night. But that didn’t keep Omaha down.

The audience went wild for the pioneer of synthesizers in electronic rock, as Numan kicked it back to his ’70s rise to fame with a tent of lights held up by a shimmering disco ball. Wearing a shredded white turtleneck tunic draped to his knees (the latest in mummy fashion?), he made his way through the set list sans monologue.

No one moves quite like the 60-year-old Gary Numan—he swung freely across the stage at awkward angles between dueling guitarists, his cloud of black hair only a millisecond behind his flailing limbs and tattered attire. The message was clear: if you're going to dance, then dance like you mean it. 

Numan serenaded his guitar during the encore, kissing and sniffing the instrument before he played the final song of the night and waved goodbye.

After the show, Numan tweeted his gratitude for the evening of fun:

“Thanks, Omaha. You really picked us up. We’re grateful.”

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