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Jul 20, 2018 02:24PM ● By Advertiser
When most people in Omaha hear the name Marco, they usually think of copiers and printers. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, says Dan Urzendowski, Marco’s IT regional sales manager. In reality, the company has quietly become a leading contender in business IT. Though Marco may be Omaha’s best kept IT secret, Urzendowski believes that’s about to change.

Marco has been in the industry since 1973, and a business IT services provider since 1985. In the last five years, Marco has expanded its services in Omaha—and across the Midwest—to become a full-service integrator with pre- and post-sales engineering, project management, managed services, and managed cloud. 

To be a leader in business IT, Marco invests heavily in its people. More than half of its 1,200 employees are certified systems engineers and technical representatives. Many of those individuals staff Marco’s world class client services center. 

The company has also formed strong partnerships with leading technology providers such as Cisco, Mitel, Microsoft, HP, and Dell. 

But, perhaps the biggest asset Marco brings to the IT table is its focus on the client experience. 

“We believe offering support services is not only about fixing technology problems but equally important is providing our clients with a great experience,” says Urzendowski.  “To make that experience the best in the industry, we’re constantly working to perfect our methodologies and the processes…We put feedback to use to make the client experience even better the next time.”  

98 percent of live calls are answered within 7 seconds

When a customer calls Marco, they get a live person who is part of the company’s rapid response team. These individuals are technically trained to resolve common requests that are easy to remediate. 

Warm call transfers

If a call requires a more advanced technical skill set, the rapid response team member will document and triage the ticket to provide the caller with a live, three-way dialogue between the caller, the rapid response team member and the level-two technician on the customer’s care team. This allows the end user to verify that the rapid response member understands the problem, and it prevents the caller from having to repeat the issue. 

Dedicated care teams

To further deliver a more personal and efficient customer experience, Marco assigns each business a dedicated care team of 6-8 highly trained techs who know and understand the specific nuances of that client’s industry, vertical applications, and computing platform. This gives the technicians the ability to apply more context to issues and reach quicker resolutions. 

Comprehensive metrics

The company continuously compiles and analyzes real-time data to determine how efficiently and effectively it is interacting with customers. It also measures its performance by surveying clients and end users. That information—along with other detailed metrics—is shared with the client on a regular basis. 

Urzendowski knows it’s only a matter of time before Omaha’s best kept IT secret goes mainstream. When it does, he says the Marco team in Omaha is ready.

7929 W. Center Road Omaha, NE 68124 402.339.3006

This sponsored content appears in the August/September 2018 edition of B2B.

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