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#OmahaMunchMadness 2018

Jul 06, 2018 08:38AM ● By Doug Meigs
For the main feature article (read it here) in Omaha Magazine’s July/August issue, we determined there are 49 zip codes in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. 

We worked with a freelance food writer and a team of foodie-influencers on Instagram to assemble a list of one dish for every zip code.

Once we compiled the list, writer Sara Locke, editors, and the Instagrammers collaborated on narrowing the list down to the 32 most popular dishes in the zip code guide. 

Why did we narrow the field to 32?

Because it is time for Munch Madness! 

Munch Madness is Omaha Magazine’s take on March Madness (but with dishes representing zip codes). And instead of one month, this contest will span July and August.

We will announce the date pairings in this initial Round of 32 zip code picks at our July/August magazine launch at the Florence Mill on July 8. Zip codes will be randomly paired for the Round of 32. The subsequent round of Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship will be determined by polls on Facebook.

Come back to this page for updates on the bracket and times. We will update the bracket as Munch Madness progresses. Each pairing will have 24 hours before a winner is declared.

Voting will take place on Facebook at @OmahaMagazine. We will tag each poll with the hashtag #OmahaMunchMadness to make the polls easier to find on Facebook.

Do you disagree with our team’s selections for each zip code? If you disagree with any zip code picks, let us know on Instagram at @OmahaMagazine by following these steps; we will repost your alternate zip code pick to spread the love:

  • Upload a photo of the dish you think is more worthy to Instagram.
  • Check in at the restaurant.
  • Write the name of the dish along with the hashtag #OmahaMunchMadness in the caption of the Instagram post.
  • Tag us at @OmahaMagazine
Most of all, we hope Munch Madness makes you hungry. Whether you agree or disagree with our zip code picks, don’t forget to vote in the Best of Omaha contest here:


Round of 32

July 9th Azteca Burrito Supreme (68138) vs. Crispy Mushroom Sandwich (68028) WINNER: Azteca Burrito Supreme (68138)

July 10th Bolognese Bianco (68132) vs. Whole Catfish Dinner (68110) WINNER: Bolognese Bianco (68132)

July 11 Oven-Fried Chicken (68111) vs. Hummus with Beef Shawarma (68114) WINNER: Oven-Fried Chicken (68111)

July 12 Stuffed Eggplant Papoutsakia (68134) vs. Barbacoa Short Ribs (68106) WINNER: Barbacoa Short Ribs (68106)

July 13 Negi Hamachi Roll (68164) vs. The Mia (68118) WINNER: Negi Hamachi Roll (68164)

July 15 Pan-Seared Salmon (68046) vs. Pizza Rosso (68122) WINNER: Pizza Rosso (68122)

July 16 Beef Bulgogi (68127) vs. Diavolo (68131) WINNER: Diavolo (68131)

July 17 Thai Salmon Salad (68154) vs. Omakase (68005) WINNER: Omakase (68005)

July 18 Wings with Habanero Sauce (68007) vs. Chicken Tikka Madras (68144) WINNER: Chicken Tikka Madras (68144)

July 19 Classic Gyro (68130) vs. Flaming Saganaki (68105) WINNER: Flaming Saganaki (68105)

July 20 Tonkotsu Ramen (68104) vs. Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124) WINNER: Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124)

July 23 Croque Garcon Burger (68102) vs. Menudo (68107) WINNER: Croque Garcon Burger (68102)

July 24 Tacos (51510) vs. Fried Ice Cream (68069) WINNER: Fried Ice Cream (68069)

July 25 Pop Tarts (68135) vs. Country Sunrise (68137) WINNER: Country Sunrise (68137)

July 26 Prime Rib (51526) vs. Egg Yolk Raviolo (68108) WINNER: Prime Rib (51526)

July 27 Lust (68123) vs. Vermicelli Rice Noodles (68136) WINNER: Vermicelli Rice Noodles (68136)

Sweet Sixteen

July 31 Azteca Burrito Supreme (68138) vs Bolognese Bianco (68132) WINNER: Bolognese Bianco (68132)

August 1 Oven-Fried Chicken (68111) vs. Barbacoa Short Ribs (68106) WINNER: Oven-Fried Chicken (68111)

August 2 Negi Hamachi Roll (68164) vs. Pizza Rosso (68122) WINNER: Pizza Rosso (68122)

August 3 Beef Bulgogi (68127) vs. Omakase (68005) WINNER: Beef Bulgogi (68127)

August 7 Chicken Tikka Madras (68144) vs. Flaming Saganaki (68105) WINNER: Chicken Tikka Madras (68144)

August 8 Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124) vs. Croque Garcon Burger (68102) WINNER: Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124)

August 9 Fried Ice Cream (68069) vs. Country Sunrise (68137) WINNER: Country Sunrise (68137)

August 10 Prime Rib (51526) vs. Vermicelli Rice Noodle Bowl (68136) WINNER: Prime Rib (51526)

Elite Eight

August 14 Bolognese Bianco (68132) vs. Oven-Fried Chicken (68111) WINNER: Bolognese Bianco (68132)

August 15 Pizza Rosso (68122) vs. Beef Bulgogi (68127) WINNER: Pizza Rosso (68122)

August 16 Chicken Tikka Madras (68144) vs. Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124) WINNER: Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124)

August 17 Prime Rib (51526) vs. Country Sunrise (68137) WINNER: Prime Rib (51526)

Final Four

August 20 Bolognese Bianco (68132) vs. Pizza Rosso (68122) WINNER: Pizza Rosso (68122)

August 21 Whiskey Steak Sirloin (68124) vs. Prime Rib (51526) WINNER: Prime Rib (51526)

2018 Munch Madness Championship

August 24 Prime Rib (51526) vs. Pizza Rosso (68122) WINNER: Prime Rib (51526)
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