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Omaha Magazine

Omaha Magazine, Magazine of the Year

May 14, 2018 01:55PM ● By Doug Meigs

Omaha Magazine won top-honors at the 2018 Great Plains Journalism Awards in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday, May 4.

Named “Magazine of the Year,” Omaha Magazine staff and contributors had five winning entries and 15 finalist entries (a total of 20 awards for work produced in 2017) in the overall, design, photography, multimedia, and writing categories.

The Tulsa Press Club hosted the awards for newspapers and magazines from an eight-state region including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Magazine of the Year

Winner: Magazine of the Year” 


Magazine News Writing (finalist): Thomas Sanchez and Doug Meigs, “The End of the Road for DACA Youth in Omaha?” 

Magazine News Writing (finalist): Doug Meigs, “Ice Age Tusks vs. Blood Ivory” 

Magazine Feature Writing (finalist): Doug Meigs, “Ice Age Tusks vs. Blood Ivory: How Nebraska’s State Fossil (the Mammoth) Feeds Global Demand for Ivory” (Recognized for both magazine feature and news writing. See above.)

Magazine Column Writing (finalist): Otis Twelve, “Not Funny” (based on three column samples)

Magazine Design

Magazine Cover (winner): Bill Sitzmann and Matt Wieczorek, July/August 2017  Magazine Cover (finalist): Bill Sitzmann and Matt Wieczorek, January/February 2017  

Page Design (finalist): Matt Wieczorek, “Richard Reese: The Comedian in the Jetpack”


Magazine Photographer of the Year (finalist): Bill Sitzmann 

Magazine Portrait (finalist)Bill Sitzmann: “Mike Hagel: Nebraska’s Painter in the Pentagon”

Magazine Portrait (finalist): Bill Sitzmann, “Stacie Tovar: Omaha’s CrossFit Star”

Magazine Specialty Photo (winner): Bill Sitzmann

Magazine Specialty Photo (finalist): Bill Sitzmann

Magazine Photography Feature (winner): Bill Sitzmann, "Vie et Mort Dune Etoile"

Magazine Photography Feature (finalist): Bill Sitzmann, "Pleats and Pearls"


Multimedia Graphic (winner): Otis Twelve and Joe Pankowski, “Not Funny” (audio by Otis Twelve, animation by Joe Pankowski)

Multimedia Graphic (finalist): Doug Meigs and Christopher Marshall, “DACA and Omaha Identity: Dreamers in their Own Words”


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