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Legacy Business

Dec 01, 2017 11:02AM ● By Daisy Hutzell-Rodman
This sponsored content appeared in the Fall 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here:

Forbes magazine has reported that eight out of every 10 new businesses last less than 18 months. Omaha tends to beat that statistic. The Greater Omaha Chamber has reported that there are more than 36,000 businesses in Omaha, and our research says that more than 8,022 businesses in Omaha have been in existence for more than 15 years. Even more impressive, Omaha boasts more than 90 companies that claim centurion status, from the oldest (NP Dodge and The Weitz Co., which started in 1855) to Omaha Steaks, which claims centurion status for the first time this year.

Like the sands of time through an hourglass, these companies continue to work steadily through the years—through recessions and recoveries, staff changes, office moves, and more. Omaha Publications is thankful to have the support of these legacy businesses on the following pages. We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about these long-running companies.

This sponsored list reflects a portion of the companies in Omaha that can claim legacy status. Some of these logos are clickable, linked to a digital PDF of company profiles as they appeared in the printed issue.

160 Years (or more)

100 Years


90 Years


70 Years


60 Years


50 Years



40 Years



30 Years






20 Years





15 Years



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