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Sep 08, 2017 09:10AM ● By Tamsen Butler
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Mark Elman is direct when explaining how Elman Print has managed to be successful for more than 40 years in the printing business. “It wasn’t me or my parents that made us successful,” he said. “It was our fantastic clients and dedicated employees.”

Elman’s parents, Dick and Alice, started Elman Print in 1977. Mark joined the company in 1991 and purchased it in 1995 when his parents retired. The company began in a 3,000-square foot building at 27th and Leavenworth streets. “We had seven employees total and we were bumping into each other,” Elman remembers. In 2001, they built a 10,000-square foot building, and they moved into a 24,500-square foot building in 2011. This time, they purchased adjacent land, so when the time comes for further expansion they are ready for it.

Elman Print boasts many longtime clients. “We have dozens of accounts that were with us when I took over in 1995,” says Elman. “Our goal is to keep a customer forever as a valued business partner.” Customers remain loyal because of the great service, high quality printing and ever-expanding services. Elman staff  keep a close eye on the quality of products by producing projects in-house. “That lets us maintain the quality our clients expect as well as maintain the control of deadlines which must be met,” he said.

Things run smoothly at Elman Print because of the team-oriented feeling fostered throughout the company. “Everyone works together.  We’re like family,” says Elman. 

“I love our staff, I pray for them and our customers every week at church.”

The culture of the company is one of hard work and teamwork. “The younger staff members rely on the veterans to show them the way we like things done here,” said Elman. “We have a great mix of seasoned and younger staff and they all work together with the common goal of making our clients look great.” We recently celebrated our first employee with 40 years of service. “When we hire a great employee, we don’t want to let them leave.”

Elman Print continues to add services and capabilities as printing technologies evolve. Their customer base stretches from the Omaha metro across the country. “We partner with financial institutions, universities, marketing firms as well as large and small companies. “We handle direct mail campaigns including mailing services, annual reports, marketing materials, and invitation packages—if it’s on paper we can make it work,” says Elman. “We strive daily to meet and exceed quality expectations and delivery times.”

The printing business has changed dramatically since Elman Print first opened their doors, but they are dedicated to staying ahead of these innovations and seeking out better processes.  Elman admits that running a successful business isn’t always simple, “But when it comes down to it, nothing beats hard work.” Elman leads by example and the team reciprocates with dedication and willingness to put in the same effort day in and day out.

Hard work and appreciated employees combined with satisfied clients equal success for this Omaha mainstay.

6210 S. 118th St. Omaha, NE 68137 402.346.0888

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