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DIY: Chew On This

Aug 26, 2016 05:32PM ● By Kristen Hoffman

These teething rings and strings are simple and beautiful with textures that are perfect for sore little gums. The wooden beads connect easily to any pacifier and shirt for easy access while you are running around. The fabric ears on the rings have a soft texture to chew on, and also mop up the drool that would otherwise be on your little one's shirt or yours. Both of these items are also useful in teaching motor skills such as grasping and reaching, and are very simple to make. FamilyGuide

DIY1Teething Rings


Wooden teething rings

1/4 yd. cotton fabric

Needle and thread



Cut two strips of 14” x 3” pieces of fabric.

Place the wrong sides of the fabric together. If you would like something other than a square edge (these are pointed), cut your shape into both pieces as they are pressed against one another.

Start your stitch in the middle of one of the long sides of the fabric. Stitch all the way around and leave a one-inch opening in the middle so that you can turn your fabric right side out and whip-stitch the opening shut.

After the piece is sewn, fold it in half and slip the middle through the ring. Then take the two “bunny ears,” fold them around the ring, and pull tight through the center loop of the fabric.

Teething Strings


Wooden beads

Craft string

Suspender clips



Cut a string a few inches longer than double your desired length.

Fold the string in half and tie a loop at the end of the fold. Fasten string to the pacifier by looping it through itself.

Continue to tie a knot in the string large enough to keep the beads from sliding over.

Slide beads onto string.

Tie the ends of the string into a knot around the suspender clip.

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