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Sep 21, 2015 02:07PM ● By Kristen Hoffman
Nothing brings a community together like the spirit of pride. Growing up in the Ralston school district, our family was always involved in some activity, whether it was cheering on our peers, helping our neighbors, or rooting for the home team.

As I have matured, my pride has grown to encompass all of Omaha. I am proud of the people in this city and the strides we are taking as a whole. I want other cities to see how great we are.

Pennants have been traditionally used as commemorative flags and trophies for sports teams. I encourage you to create your pennant to celebrate what you are most proud of—whether it is a sports team, vacation spot, institution, or your favorite person.


30” x 12” strip of colored felt

12” x 12” strip of white felt (or a contrasting color)


Liquid starch

Spray adhesive

Printer paper


Cut out a 30 x 12" triangle of colored felt to act as the background of your pennant. Stiffen the felt by soaking it in liquid starch. Wring out the liquid and lay it somewhere flat to dry.

Once the felt is completely dry, iron it to get it nice and wrinkle free. If you are concerned about burning the felt, use a press cloth.

Hop on  the computer and try out some different fonts to see what you like. After you have typed out the name that you would like on your pennant, manipulate the letters so they get slightly smaller as they go to the right.

Print out the name and see how it looks in relation to your pennant. If it looks correct, cut out each individual letter with scissors.

Place paper letters upside down on the white piece of felt and trace them lightly with a pen. Placing them upside down will ensure that you do not have any pen marks on your final letters.

Place felt letters onto the pennant and arrange them as desired. Pick each individual letter up off the pennant, spray the back side with adhesive, and press it onto the pennant in the correct place.

Cut out a 1” strip of white felt to run along the left side of the banner, spray with adhesive, and press it onto the colored felt.



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