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Dec 03, 2013 01:00PM ● By Sponsored Content
Jani-King, founded in 1969, is one of the largest commercial cleaning franchisors in the world. However, the franchise didn’t come to Omaha until Debbie Sinopoli opened a master franchise in April of 2007.

Sinopoli started working with Jani-King in 1989 after graduating from USD, as an assistant operations manager in San Francisco. She worked her way up to operations manager, then regional director of the Oakland region, and eventually to master franchise owner. According to Sinopoli, her vision for Jani-King Omaha is “guided by a strong, internal obligation to our 
franchise owners.”

Jani-King Omaha has over 50 franchise owners, serving large and small businesses and facilities in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. These franchisees employ approximately 100 part-time employees and serve over 400 customers each month.

Franchising has allowed Jani-King to focus on quality of service for individual customers. By having franchise owners whose success is directly tied to their client’s satisfaction, all Jani-King locations ensure that customers are served by motivated and professional franchise owners and their employees with service tailored to the customer needs.

While Jani-King’s concept focuses on customized commercial cleaning, different franchise owners can invest in different specialty services within their franchisees, such as office cleaning, environmental cleaning, events, hospitality, and more.

Sinopoli personally aims to satisfy and support not only the companies that Jani-King Omaha services, but also the franchise owners she helps mentor. Sinopoli’s sense of accomplishment from her work comes from knowing that she has “helped business owners accomplish their goals, through coaching, advising, and mentoring, whether their goals were to put their kids through college, buy a car or house, or just be proud of what they have accomplished in their 
own business.”

Jani-King Omaha as a company is excited for the future and excited to keep working to exceed customers’ expectations. The company is always looking for new franchise owners, full of fresh ideas and eager to tap into the potential of the franchise market. Throughout its history, dedication to customer satisfaction and quality franchisee support has kept Jani-King at the top 
of its industry.

Jani-King of Omaha
 5885 S 118th Cir.
 Omaha, NE 68137 402-932-0514

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