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Mike Hogan's Mercedes-Benz SL550 Roadster

Nov 25, 2012 04:00PM ● By SJ Muñoz
If you were to ask Mike Hogan why he’s been a Mercedes-Benz customer for almost 30 years, the answer is simple: Quality.

Hogan, who owns Papillion-based Hogan & Company, believes it’s important for businesses to focus on the quality customer since 1983 because he trusts the product—and as someone who’s been in the realty business over 35 years, trust means a lot to Hogan. “You would hope a company starts with a quality product and doesn’t cut corners,” Hogan professes. “I feel comfortable and safe with Mercedes-Benz. It’s something I’m proud to own.”

Having driven several Mercedes-Benz vehicles over the past few decades, Hogan currently spends his time on the road behind the wheel of a 2013 SL550 Roadster. As has been the case with his past few cars, Hogan’s Roadster is black, as he’s become quite fond of that choice of vehicular color over the years. “[Black] has a real nice look to it,” he says.

"I feel comfortable and safe with Mercedes-Benz. It's something I'm proud to own."
Hogan enjoys the many high-end features of his SL550 Convertible, many of them standard. Some of his personal favorites: the push-to-start engine, the paddle shifters, the navigation system, and the ability to go top-up or top-down in just 14 seconds. The vehicle also contains an economy feature which shuts off the engine while the vehicle idles, another feature Hogan enjoys. No doubt the car’s 4.6L twin-turbo V-8 engine and 429 horsepower, as well as the sport lower-body styling are also appealing.

Prior to purchasing his first Mercedes-Benz, Hogan remembers “having his eyes on their vehicles” for some time, but he never knew if it was something he would be able to afford someday. Fortunately for Hogan, his hard work in real estate allowed him to enjoy the luxury of obtaining his dream vehicle.

One of Hogan’s favorite drives in his convertible is the round trip to Lincoln, Neb., for Husker game days. And though he’d love to drive the car year-round, he’s a protective and practical owner. He doesn’t take the car out in snow and ice or more than 100 miles from home, opting for an alternative ride. Weather permitting, however, he’s rollin’ in the Roadster.

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