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Antique Anthology: FACES of Lincoln 2024

Mar 13, 2024 05:48PM ● By Omaha Magazine
Janelle Mueller home decor antique anthology faces of lincoln 2024

Photo by Kathy Plunkett.

Antique Anthology masterfully intertwines antiquity with modernity. Visitors discover a treasury of unique items, such as vintage apothecary bottles, and modern touches, such as artworks, that delight for decades.

“I spend hours curating and selecting,” owner Janelle Mueller said. “I’ll have customers come in and say ‘Wow, I’ve never seen that before!’”

The boutique is also a showcase for local artisans, from woodworkers to Lincoln artists crafting handmade paper. Globally sourced textiles and handwoven pillows allow homes to weave in distant stories.

It’s a shop that satisfies lovers of old-world, unique pieces and those who want the latest trends. Antique Anthology offers a diverse, harmonious collection for multiple price points.

“If you can’t afford an antique area rug, you might be able to afford a small rug that you can put on top of your coffee table,” Mueller said. “There are different ways to get a look.”

Singular antiques, specialty artwork, considerate gifts, and culinary treasures transform each dwelling into a narrative of distinctiveness, blending variety with attainability.

Antique Anthology
690 Monroe Street
Bennet, NE 68317

This profile originally appeared in the 2024 FACES of Lincoln collection, presented by Omaha Magazine. To see the full book, see our flipbook here. 

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