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Run Payments: FACES of Lincoln 2024

Mar 13, 2024 03:36PM ● By Omaha Magazine
Dan “Rowdy” Rau payments run payments

Photo by Kathy Plunkett.

Collecting payment from customers can be nerve-racking for any business owner. Fortunately, with Rowdy and his team at Run Payments, this task is made simpler.

Rowdy has built his business on being a trusted consultant and adviser to the business owners with whom Run Payments works. Although most people focus on lower fees, Rowdy realizes there may be other solutions for his customers.

“I understand their business,” Rowdy said. “I ask questions about how they run their business, what their technologies are, how they process payments. Maybe it’s an auto dealership, a lumber company, or a retail store. Those are different businesses with very different needs.”

Through these questions, Rowdy has created a product matrix that allows Run Payments to package solutions for different businesses, and he’s been working with this matrix for nearly five times as long as the average payments adviser.

He has built relationships with people all around the world over the past 15 years, which is what gives Run Payments the solutions-based business that makes people want to “Run with Rowdy.”

Run Payments
Lincoln, NE

This profile originally appeared in the 2024 FACES of Lincoln collection, presented by Omaha Magazine. To see the full book, see our flipbook here. 

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