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Vault Insurance & Risk Management: FACES of Lincoln 2024

Mar 12, 2024 06:50PM ● By Omaha Magazine
Nikki Ostrander commercial insurance vault insurance & Risk Management faces of lincoln 2024

Photo by Kathy Plunkett.

Nikki Ostrander haș worked with a wide variety of businesses in her commercial insurance practice, some conventional, others not so much.

“You have to be an expert in every type of business you work with,” she said. “I am committed to being an expert in commercial insurance and an expert in a customer’s business.”

For example, someone with a hydroponic lettuce farm needed a specific coverage, so Nikki worked to find the solution. “I spent hours talking to this customer, I looked at YouTube videos, I looked at plans of her building. We visited the site,” Nikki shared. “Seeing what we’re dealing with is imperative in our business.”

In a newer, specialty business, there are lot of unknown risks. Nikki’s relationship with her underwriter enabled her to have credibility, and she understood and clearly expressed her customer’s risk to get the necessary coverage. 

“I was able to sell that policy because of my commitment and my partnership with my carrier. It took a couple of extra weeks, but we were able to go to the insurance companies and get what we needed.”

Vault Insurance & Risk Management
6221 S. 58th Street, Suite E
Lincoln, NE 68516

This profile originally appeared in the 2024 FACES of Lincoln collection, presented by Omaha Magazine. To see the full book, see our flipbook 

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