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RuPaul’s Werq the World Tour

Jul 11, 2023 11:21AM ● By Tamsen Butler

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Can we just put all the politics aside and simply agree that drag queens are wildly entertaining? Last night’s vibrant and energetic “Werq the World Tour” put several notable queens from the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” television series on stage together for dancing, acting, and, of course, lip syncing. 

Hosted by Asia O’Hara and featuring Laganja Estranja, Lady Camden, Bosco, Rosé, DeJa Skye, and more, this Matrix-themed show also pulled local queens Venus and Donna Resuscitate onto stage to lip sync and generally “werq” the stage – which they did with vigor and verve to well represent the Omaha drag scene.

The joy on the stage spilled out into the crowd, creating a communal frenzy of dancing, singing, and cheering. The Orpheum was packed, and yet everyone managed genuinely to not mind at all. It felt more like a party than a show.

With impressive production and set and lighting designs that pushed the entire show up a notch, each queen enjoyed their own moment in the spotlight. Asia O’Hara masterfully kept the show moving along when it could have easily devolved into chaos. Notably, Deja Skye’s apparent delight in being front and center was infectious as she giggled and waved when exiting the stage. 

But this review would be remiss if it didn’t call out Bosco as a true standout among a talented group of shining stars. An agile performer, Bosco is the epitome of what other queens might call “gorge.” 

This isn’t a show for those who clutch their pearls, nor is it a show for kids. It’s raunchy, irreverent, and ridiculously fun. And though the “Werq the World Tour” was only here for one night, it’s highly likely (judging by the packed house and responsive audience) more queens will be back in Omaha on the Orpheum stage in the future. And that’s a good thing.
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