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B2B Magazine - June/July 2023

May 23, 2023 03:15PM ● By Linda Persigehl

Photo by Bill Sitzmann.

In early May, the world learned that the “Godfather of AI,” computer scientist Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, had left his position at Google to speak out on the dangers to society posed by artificial intelligence, including its potential to spread misinformation, put millions of people out of work, and be abused by “bad actors.” 

This issue, several Omaha professionals weigh in how they see generative AI, including ChatBot and image creator programs, impacting businesses in the near future. And while they’re enthused about the time savings these AI tools offer, they too are concerned about what the future holds.
Another article tackles the business trend of employing virtual assistants, who work fully remote online, only zooming in for meetings, sometimes from half a world away. The practice is helping several local companies deal with worker shortages and proving effective in managing workloads.

Yet another piece speaks to Omaha’s evolution into a what investment pro and author George Morgan has nicknamed “Wall Street West,” in great part thanks to juggernaut TD Ameritrade, which decades ago helped pioneer the discount brokerage industry and made managing one’s own stock portfolio online a reality.

Certainly there were naysayers years ago who predicted online discount brokerages would make stock brokers obsolete or that amateur investors managing their own portfolios would result in guaranteed financial losses. Or even a decade ago, there were those who thought hiring virtual workers abroad would never work because of language barriers, lack of oversight, poor communication, etc. But generally speaking, these concerns have not materialized.

While new technology brings exciting changes and opportunities in business, it does bring unique risks. 

Let’s hope Dr. Hinton’s words of caution help us navigate thoughtfully and successfully this new chapter in technology advancement. 

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B2B Magazine - June/July 2023

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