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Careerlink Connects to the Future: Recruitment and Development Site Goes Public, Expands its HR Capacity

May 23, 2023 02:52PM ● By Kara Schweiss
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Photo by Bill Sitzmann.

Careerlink was an innovator from the beginning, said Director of Sales and Account Management Harold Gentry, who calls the company founded in the mid-1990s an “Omaha institution.” 
“We are actually one of the first ‘talent conduits’ in the history of job boards,” he said.
As its name suggests, the company originated to connect employers and job-seekers throughout the Midwest, CEO Phil Greenwood said. Careerlink still features an online jobs portal, which has grown to include approximately 500,000 jobs across the country at any given time; but its services on the employer side have expanded significantly over the last three decades. Along with vastly broader reach, Careerlink has developed technology to make sharing and tracking information much faster and easier. 

“We introduced a lot that goes really outside the realm of job boards,” Greenwood said. “Now I would definitely describe it as more of an HR recruiting and retention platform…So, really moving beyond what we called the ‘post and pray.’ It’s a fascinating time to be in the industry.”
Greenwood’s association with Careerlink began in 2020. 

“[Phil Greenwood] saw a great potential for a company [that] had a solid and profitable brand locally and, with a little investment, could move forward to become an innovator in the recruiting/talent-connection industry,” Gentry said. 

Careerlink is now taking that next step: in January, the company announced that it’s welcoming new public investment. Advised by Manhattan Street Capital, Careerlink was qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise investment capital by selling preferred stock to the general public. The “Regulation A+” process means the majority of investors can invest in the company at the original issue price directly from Careerlink.

Gentry said he anticipates continued growth for the company. 

“Careerlink continues to look for and develop recruiting approaches that are outside the box. We are implementing two new features, Talent Engagement and Premium Candidate Search. These have the potential of being game-changers in the industry.

The ability to automate and streamline HR recruiting functions will meet many of the needs and wants of the HR community,” he said. “Our longevity and brand awareness position us to become industry leaders using a concierge approach in how we do business. Our goal is to become fully engaged partners with our employer partners and job-seekers to create a better end result for everyone involved.”

Christine Stogdill, coordinator of human resources for Quality Living Inc. (dba QLI), said her company—a globally recognized rehabilitation center located in Omaha—has partnered with Careerlink for more than a decade. 

“We use many tools that Careerlink offers. We post jobs, we use the analytics tools to track ROI with different campaigns. We are learning the talent engagement portal to increase efficiency with candidate communications (and) social media advertising, and we interact with the team at Careerlink to learn how we can better utilize our options,” she said. “Careerlink has been a tremendous resource for our talent acquisition team.”

Greenwood said he’s found the Omaha business community welcoming to a “foreigner coming in from the West Coast” and open to Careerlink’s advancement.    

“I continue to be impressed in my interactions with our customers that are both past and present,” he said. “A lot has changed since we purchased the business. I want to invite folks to see all that’s going on and that we have a great vision for the future of HR recruiting and retention and just invite people to join us on that journey.”

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This article originally appeared in the June/July 2023 issue of B2B Magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.  


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