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Review: SIX: The Musical

Jan 04, 2023 03:15PM ● By Alicia Hollins
SIX Review

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It’s been over 400 years since Henry VIII divorced, beheaded, grieved, rejected, and beheaded his many beloved better halves, and then died himself, but Tuesday night the Orpheum cheered on his SIX wives.

In rock concert form, the ladies took the narrative back, each telling their own tale through song with modern-day inspiration. Catherine of Argon belted out her story in a song that would give Beyonce a run for her money, while Anne of Cleves had all the fire of Lizzo when sharing her life story. When the wives came together on stage, it was as fun as a Spice Girls concert.

The set resembled vintage church windows but with constantly changing colors, still keeping the religious vibe of the 1500s but with lighting of the 2000s. The costumes kept the style of the Tudor times but with added glitz and glam of the present day, giving each lady her own color and personality. The set also included a stage for the “Ladies in Waiting,” a four-piece band playing pop-concert music for the wives’ performances. This high-energy show had the audience clapping, laughing and dancing throughout the 90-minute run time. 

The jokes were clever and while full of innuendo, were not so raunchy as to dissuade taking kids over the age of 12. At one point, Jane Seymour asks, “What hurts more than a broken heart?” and a wisecracking Anne Boleyn fires back, “A severed head.” This was one of many hilarious jokes delivered by Anne Boleyn, who was played by an understudy Tuesday night, and she didn’t miss a beat.

Through all the witty banter, the songs cleverly gave the ladies their stories back, delivering a chance to change history to “her story.” It was deliciously fun, wildly hilarious and wickedly smart. And this may be the first time I didn’t want a show to end. In the words of Anne Boleyn, “Sorry not sorry.” 

SIX is running through Sun., Jan 8th at the Orpheum Theater. Don't miss out.
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