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Room Service: Order Up Some Entertaining Chaos

Sep 30, 2022 01:11PM ● By Tamsen Butler

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One can only imagine that “Room Service” director Mary Dickson gathered her talented cast and instructed them to play the role they’ve always wanted to play. That’s probably how this Papillion La Vista South Play Pro production wound up with a delightfully menacing debt collector played by Ava Albracht, a bewildering yet endearing investor played by Reece McAdams, and a melodramatic physician who left the audience in stitches, played by Jake Erickson. The quirkiness of their characters is an absolute delight.

Based on the 1938 film of the same name featuring the Marx Brothers, this limited-run production is a cacophony of animated characters. This entertaining show moves quickly, with one quirky character after another entering the stage. Just when audience members feel settled in that nothing weirder than what has already happened can possibly happen, in walks another cast member with some absurdity that gets the audience laughing. 

The PLVSHS Drama heavy hitters were in full force at this show. Abram Butler and Mattie Sohm did a masterful job of keeping straight faces and staying in character as the entertaining chaos rapidly developed around him. Jude Glazer impressed in a role that demanded an angry demeanor throughout the show despite all the comedy going on around him. Henry Vote managed to maintain his portrayal of a naïve playwright while at the same time getting thrown around the stage and forced into a variety of precarious positions.

Newcomer Nathan Buhr filled the stage with a confidence that’s usually only seen in seasoned actors. Joey Westerdale and Caeli Karasek shined, successfully taking on beefier roles than they’ve tackled in the past. Ash Toiton, Creighton Thornton, and Lizzie Simmons rounded out the Thursday night cast splendidly, making for a cast that was obviously having a good time and enjoying the task of entertaining the audience. 

Little time remains to see this show at Papillion La Vista South High School. Its limited run only has tonight and Saturday (10/1) remaining – both performances at 7:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door, $10 general admission and $5 for students. 

Buckle up and prepare for a wild with this funny show. This cast and crew obviously enjoy what they do – and are quite talented. 

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