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Strong Principles, Fellowship Sees Omaha Executives Association Through 5,000th Meeting and Beyond

Sep 01, 2022 05:41PM ● By Julius Fredrick

Though Omaha Executives Association stalwart Scott Dye had spoken many times at meetings prior, this particular Thursday at the Field Club of Omaha was charged with special anticipation as he approached the podium. Champagne glass in hand, he commenced his toast:

“Good afternoon. My name is Scott Dye and I am with Baird Holm law firm. OEA is an association that I value and that I very much enjoy,” Dye began. “I value the quality goods and services that I receive and the business that our firm does with OEA members, as well as the many friendships that I have made over the years. So I was pleased when asked to toast OEA on the occasion of its 5000th meeting.”

Dye continued, recalling his first OEA meeting at Johnny’s Cafe circa 1978, “or about 2,200 meetings ago if you were counting,” he quipped.

He then highlighted the association’s founding principles, ones that have persisted for nearly a century over the course of 4,999 previous meetings. Dye believes the strength of these principles is inseparable from OEA’s longevity.

“Attend meetings, turn in leads, and pay dues,” he said. “[They’re] fundamental to the OEA. Just think of what the OEA has faced over the years—The Great Depression; World War II; The Great Recession; the COVID Pandemic; the ups and downs of the business cycle; periods of great social change […] Yet it has endured and prospered through it all.” 

“Please raise your glass to toast OEA,” he concluded.

The crisp staccato of crystal was followed by applause. Governor Pete Ricketts would soon take his turn at the microphone.

“We had a wonderful celebration—a champagne toast by one of our longest standing members, a guest speaker, and Governor Pete Ricketts as the keynote speaker,” recalled standing OEA President Robin Lindley (VP at time of the meeting). “We had lovely gifts for every member commemorating the occasion, and a delicious special lunch menu. It was quite the success!”

Founded on May 10, 1924, the OEA mission statement holds firm today: “To create a network of members who are friendly, responsive, and professional; who can help develop business leads, contacts, referrals, and open doors to enhance development of business relationships and friendships.”

On June 9, 2022 the association’s 5,000th meeting underscored the tenacity, dynamism, and efficacy of this mission, and the lasting fellowship of its members.

“I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into OEA and very proud to have helped plan and to have participated in the 5000th meeting,” Lindley said. “It takes commitment from members to keep a wonderful group like this going for so long. Their commitment to high standards and a ‘can do’ attitude…the friendships built in OEA are absolutely amazing.”

While this milestone provided OEA members much to celebrate, the association continues to look ahead—ever conscious of new and exciting opportunities on the horizon.

“We are looking forward to our May 2024 100th year of meetings,” Lindley said. “Another amazing testimony to the importance of this group.”

“I always say, ‘It pays to attend OEA!’,” she exclaimed.

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