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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Concert

May 16, 2022 10:33AM ● By Damian Ingersoll

The weekend of May 13, conductor Ernest Richardson and the Omaha Symphony delivered an amazing celebration of one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back in Concert. This collaboration showed the movie on the big screen, while the symphony played the memorable music of Oscar-Winning composer John Williams. It was a powerful combination and brought back fond memories of what this writer thinks is one of the best movies of the franchise: Empire Strikes Back.

The music at the Holland Center flowed through the building and its enhanced acoustics really brought the listener into the moment, particularly in the scene near the end of the film where Luke Skywalker confronted his nemesis Darth Vader, only to discover Vader is his father. The elegant atmosphere of the Holland Center enhanced the show, and I found myself wavering between watching the orchestra playing and the film projected on screen. This legendary music was put on a pedestal by conductor Ernest Richardson who marvelously delivered listeners to a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars fans will appreciate this performance and listening to the music of John Williams score by Richardson and the Omaha Symphony moved the audience with the fond memories of an iconic film.

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