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Six Adventurous Hobbies and Where to Try Them

Apr 28, 2022 05:13PM ● By Linda Persigehl
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Taking up an adventurous new hobby can provide a range of mental and physical benefits. It might entail aerobic activity that’s great for cardiovascular health, or mandate overcoming a fear. It can enhance brain function by having to learn a new set of skills, or even stimulate dopamine release in the brain, making one happier. Or maybe it just helps to create better work-life balance. Here are six adventurous hobbies to consider and where to try them. 

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Dressage | 

Defined as training a horse to perform special, carefully controlled movements as directed by the rider, dressage is seen as an art form by some. Learning balance, control, and quiet communication with the animal takes practice and expertise. Prairie Gem Stables and Coda Cavallo Riding Academy are two places that offer group or private lessons in dressage, both English and Western varieties. Riders can learn to refine their horsemanship skills and master the techniques, or may even prepare to compete in the show ring.

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Flying an Airplane 

Pilots understand that controlling an aircraft thousand of feet in the sky is exhilarating. It provides a sense of freedom and a new perspective on the Earth below—but most of all, flying is simply the most fun. Learning to fly does require a huge time commitment, however, both in ground and in-air training hours. Oracle Aviation offers FAA-certified professional flight training to earn a pilot’s license for recreational use, or to become a pilot as a career. Lessons are offered at Millard Airport in Omaha.

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Rock Climbing | 

Rock climbing is a test of mind and body, requiring planning and strategy as well as physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. Approach Climbing Gym offers certified-instructor-led top rope classes for those 14 and older, as well as adults-only classes in bouldering, top rope belay, and more on its 6,000-square-foot climbing wall. University of Nebraska at Omaha also provides rock climbing lessons and practice time, offered free to UNO students.

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Scuba Diving | 

Being immersed in beautiful marine life and feeling weightless—it’s easy to see why scuba diving is so addictive. DiVentures Aquatic Center offers a group introductory course for those 10 and older, and advanced classes for those with higher fitness and swimming skills in a 90-degree indoor pool year-round. The center provides the suit, gear, and certified instructors, and also plans diving trips in exotic locales. Dream Blue Scuba offers a wide range of educational scuba adventures as well.

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Skydiving | 

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as free-falling at speeds of up to 120 mph, then deploying a parachute and floating down to earth like a bird. Lucky Chuck Skydiving in Bellevue and Lincoln Sport Parachute Club offer lessons by certified instructors for the beginner who wants to tandem jump, as well as instruction to become a licensed skydiver, in both accelerated free-fall and static line methods. Adventurers can find their inner adrenaline junkie and sign up for a jump this summer.

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 Target Shooting | 

Shooting a firearm can be empowering for those who are well-trained and confident. Whether it’s to improve marksmanship for hunting, self-defense readiness, or simply for the challenge, there are many reasons to take target shooting lessons at a range. The company 88 Tactical offers more than a dozen firearm classes, from precision rifle to handgun to competitive shooting, at its indoor readiness center and range. Athena Arms in Bellevue also offers personal training sessions on accuracy coaching and defensive shooting skills.

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