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Northpoint Nebraska: Saving Lives, Restoring Relationships

Oct 14, 2021 03:59PM ● By Omaha Magazine
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Northpoint Nebraska is proud to now be a part of the Heartland. Northpoint opened its doors in Omaha in September and is in the business of helping people get healthy.

The employees of Northpoint work tirelessly to help patients with addiction and mental health issues around the clock. A medical director, nurses, and therapists keep people comfortable while they detox off drugs or alcohol, move into recovery and lead full lives. Patients are medically supervised 24/7. 

“Throughout the pandemic, rates of substance use disorders have soared. Additionally, reported rates of depression and anxiety are nearly three times higher than prior to the pandemic,“ said Northpoint Nebraska Vice President, Dr. Mark Jones. “Northpoint Nebraska is opening at a perfect time to address the emerging substance use and mental health needs in the greater Omaha area.”

Northpoint Nebraska’s state-of-the-art facility includes 44 beds. Services include a 28-day residential program where patients learn the tools to manage cravings and triggers and address the underlying causes of their addiction. The evidence-based program includes group, one-on-one, and family therapy, yoga and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Northpoint treats the whole person.

Northpoint will also soon open outpatient services in Omaha so individuals can continue care after they leave the inpatient program. Outpatient services will also be available to those who may need a lower level of substance use or mental health care. 

At Northpoint Nebraska, they offer a dedicated Alumni program for those that complete treatment. This program allows previous Northpoint “graduates” to maintain a sober network and support system after treatment. The Alumni participate in meetings, recreational activities such as rafting trips, softball leagues or barbeques, and even start micro groups such as book clubs. 

“Four and a half years ago I walked through the doors of Northpoint Recovery beaten up and broken. This was the 4th program I had entered in the span of three years and I had no options left. I was homeless and I had used up all the charity from my family and friends. I had to get it right this time,” Said T.B., Northpoint Recovery Alum and now Northpoint Colorado employee. “For 28 days I was treated with kindness and respect and given the tools to help fight my illness. You can tell when someone genuinely cares, and they genuinely cared about me and my well-being.”  Four and a half years later, he  still works for the company and credits Northpoint for saving his life. 

Northpoint also has locations and a strong reputation of high-quality care in Idaho, Washington and Colorado. 

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