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Technically Advanced - Finding Top Talent Through Various Platforms

Oct 01, 2021 03:20PM ● By Sara Locke
Taleena Stanbrough and  Rachael Jaffe

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This month, B2B spoke with Five Nines Director of Human Resources Taleena Stanbrough and T1 Technologies Solutions Consultant Rachael Jaffe about finding, retaining, and rewarding the top talent in Omaha’s IT field. 

B2B: What has been your business’s most reliable way to find employees in this market?

TS: Top talent wants to work with top talent. Because of this, our current staff has always been incredible at identifying talent to elevate our service and connecting them to our recruiting team. Referrals take the guesswork out of [the] recruiting process when it comes to the non-negotiables like integrity, work ethic, and good character. In addition, our internship program has developed into an excellent experience for the up-and-coming IT professionals and Five Nines. We’ve been able to connect with incredible talent from our college and university partners. It’s been a win/win for everyone. Our hiring philosophy aligns with our Five Nines Fundamentals. By hiring the right mindset with the capacity to learn IT, we will continue to be successful in building a great team.

RJ: We’ve found good candidates, equally, through job board platforms and contract-to-hire agencies. I was surprised that social media didn’t turn up the candidates I’d hoped to see. I wonder if the medium that is most common to job descriptions is at odds with that which is appealing and enticing on social media platforms?

B2B: How do you set yourself apart to retain that talent?

TS: First and foremost, we care. Our CEO/founder, James Bowen, and our president, Joel Friesen, recognize the great minds we have on the team and value their input. In 2020, we established an employee-elected board of advisers. This group is an integral part of many of the business decisions that ultimately will have an impact on the team. It’s been a great way to make sure voices are heard and the best decisions are made for Five Nines. 

RJ: We’re very concerned with having the right cultural fit when bringing new people to the team, and we talk about that extensively during the hiring process. We have 15 fundamental behaviors that are essential to what T1 is, and communicate that to candidates right up front. Due to the size of our organization, we can paint a very clear picture of growth opportunity paths for candidates. Ideally, we hope to find a candidate who has a good bit of experience, but not all the experience we need.

B2B:  What can applicants do to stand out among their competitors?

TS: Be honest and genuine. You owe it to yourself to be 100% “you” in the interview process. You want to find the right company and role for yourself just as much as the company seeks to find the right individual to fill their openings. Five Nines looks for job seekers who have a growth mindset, take pride in their work, genuinely care about other people, and have a passion for their profession.

RJ: First, Submit a cover letter. I’m old school, I still love a cover letter submitted with a resume, and I almost always read those resumes first. Job sites, like Indeed, still have the ability to send them. Second, ask good questions about the job responsibilities and the qualities of the right candidate. A candidate who asks questions about her possible role and responsibilities tells me the candidate is really trying to picture herself in the job.

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