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Gratton Warehouse

Sep 08, 2021 10:00AM ● By Kara Schweiss

Omaha was incorporated less than 40 years when Gratton Warehouse came to be, fourth-

generation owner Bo Gratton said.

“My great-great-grandfather (Charles Harrison Gratton) who started the company left Union Pacific as a vice president in Chicago and came here and started a warehouse company in 1894,” Gratton said. “We’re one of the oldest warehouses—and we’re definitely one of the oldest that is still family owned—in the country. And we’ve always been 100 percent Gratton-owned.” 

Gratton Warehouse offers third-party logistics services, inventory management, and product distribution worldwide. Visitors see immaculate facilities, well-maintained equipment, and employees using state-of-the-art systems. It reflects a deep respect for customers and meticulous care for their goods, Gratton said. The company even provides guidance to clients who are expanding nationally or internationally. 

“We can bring them here, and in two or three days we show them what to do—how to ship, store, handle, and so forth—and give them every procedure to do that. They can take that and apply it to any warehouse in the world.”

Gratton Warehouse

11005 E Circle 

Omaha, NE 68137



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