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Aug 31, 2021 04:43PM ● By Sara Locke
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Julie Crotty-Guile believes music should open doors, both for her students, and inside them. Her dynamic and engaging approach has fostered a lifelong appreciation for learning in her students for over 43 years, and has let a legacy of profoundly enthusiastic musicians in her wake. 

"We encourage feeding the artist's spirit through affirmation and inspiration, enabling students to starve their inner-sabotage of competition & comparison, grounding themselves in a higher purpose of loving gratitude," Crotty-Guile said. 

"Everyone has that sense of competition within them already, and they learn to deal with parts of themselves that say 'you're not good enough.' We emphasize the positive, transforming the negatives. I offer students space to find their own 'joyful energy' in each musical piece along the way." 

Since founding Noteworthy Music in 1991, Crotty-Guile and her husband, Peter Guile, have employed an inclusive and individualized goal-setting curriculum to incentivize and build confidence and a sense of accomplishment in each student. "Rather than competitive placements like first or second, we give trophies which reflect musical goals: Counting, Expression, Rhythm, Most Improved, Sight Reading, Dynamic Duets," she explained. "And ribbons for pieces mastered." 

Immersing students in music tailored to their tastes and talents allows them deeper appreciation of the art of writing, singing, playing, and understanding music theory, technique, and practice. In this way, Noteworthy Music develops competent and confident lifelong learners, rather than anxious or obsessive musicians. 

The love of music and composition began early for Crotty-Guile, who directed, choreographed, and performed in a musical with her best friend at age 8, before studying at The Julliard and NYU. Over more than 40 years, she's been an active member of MNTA, NMTA, OMTA, and NATS, and credits her teaching career with developing her love of people, as much as her love of music, saying, "Each student arrives with unique and diverse talents. I'm here to assist in their discovery and help develop whole musicians. Teaching is such an honor, and teaching music to people who will love and appreciate it for life is a privilege." 

Noteworthy Music offers voice, piano, arranging, and theory to students of all ages. 

Noteworthy Music
4187 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68131
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