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60+ Primetime: John Ryan

Aug 27, 2021 04:15PM ● By Nicholas Moore
man in brown suit presents hundreds of bow ties

Photo by Bill Sitzmann    

After a lifetime spent in the men’s clothing business, John Ryan has learned about adaptability. One constant, however, is that everyone feels better when they’re dressed well.

The pandemic crushed the retail clothing industry as potential customers stayed home and wore sweats. “Business is booming, driven primarily by all the weddings that got put on hold last year,” Ryan said. “We’re very blessed to have loyal customers and a strong word-of-mouth reputation for providing quality clothing and service to wedding parties at a fair price.”

Modern groomsmen prefer an understated suit in a modern fit, tailored for them. “I thought I knew everything as a young man taking over the family business, but as we move into the third generation at Jerry Ryan Clothing, I’m grateful to keep learning from the youth of our community.”

Ryan may be stuck in some of his ways, such as what he eats for lunch daily, but when it comes to the clothing business he loves change. “As I get older, I love seeing fashion trends cycle back around,” he said. “Suits used to be baggy, then they slimmed down, and now everyone wants comfort again.”

Another constant in Ryan’s professional life: brick and mortar. The consumer longs now, more than ever, for human interaction, and perhaps a sense of home. 

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Photo by Bill Sitzmann

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