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Last Mile Delivery: Luper and Brittanie Akough

Aug 10, 2021 01:55PM ● By Megan Bartholomew
luper and brittanie slough at red table

Photo by Bill Sitzmann    

Although the pandemic depleted businesses across the country, it increased activity at Clout Enterprises. One of Clout’s largest customers is Amazon. Last year the family-owned delivery service expanded employees from 70 to 120. 

“Whenever you order something on your iPhone, people want it to show up in two days. We work quickly,” owner Luper Akough said.

“In doing so, we provide jobs for those who wouldn’t ordinarily get that opportunity,” wife Brittanie Akough added. “It’s both challenging and rewarding to manage different personalities. We help them develop their skills.”

“And we’re pretty cool people,” Luper inserted.

Clout now makes about 40-60 routes a day, mostly in Omaha. They deliver approximately 40,000 packages a week. Clout Enterprises delivers to the door. They stress both driver courtesy and safety.

“We started in 2018 because we were able to get a contract, a great opportunity,” Luper said. “We jumped on it. We are obsessed with the customer and filling their needs. There’s still a lot of opportunity to add delivery services in Omaha and nationwide.” 

Clout Enterprises

3224 California St.

Omaha NE 68131


Photo by Bill Sitzmann


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