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Uniting Into Innovative Headquarters: A Look at CFCU's Offices

Jul 29, 2021 04:27PM ● By Lisa Lukecart
lobby with large quote painted on wall

Photo by Bill Sitzmann

Jim Cox, enclosed in a Spacestor fully cushioned booth at Centris Federal Credit Union, munched on his salad. 

“This building is like working in a spaceship,” Cox explained, taking a sip from his water bottle. “Everything is automated.”

Photo by Bill Sitzmann 

Cox, a business banking account specialist, remembered a time when he had to call other employees in different buildings with questions. It took time away from an already busy day. Now, he just walks up the steps to see someone, which allows him to finish his work in less time. 

The location merges two operational centers under one roof at 13120 Piece St. in Sterling Ridge. The new corporate headquarters spans 116,223 square feet with gleaming windows, heated sidewalks, and an underground, temperature-controlled garage. It includes 24 conference and training rooms, along with three outdoor patios. 

Photo by Bill Sitzmann

 A globe-shaped metal sculpture welcomes guests outside. Cut-out characters cast shadowed silhouettes at night with the option to change the colors with a click of a button. It’s a reminder that Centris’ mission is community-oriented, even before guests step through the doors. Inside the building, the reception desk is functional and artistic. The body of the desk is all angles, showcasing its white quartz dotted with gray specks. 

Centris occupies three of the four floors of the building. The second floor is partially leased, with a portion of the floor up for lease. Each floor proclaims its individual color scheme. The first radiates purple, which is associated with the brand.
Hushed gray carpeted floors lead customers into the banking area. Tellers work the drive-thru lanes that are glimpsed behind a purple-tinted window. The ATM nestles close to the building in contrast to banks, which typically have it on the outer lanes. While parents receive help from loan officers, children have the option to head to the gaming area to sit in brightly colored chairs and battle on a PlayStation 4.

Photo by Bill Sitzmann 

In another area, an innovative community room can be rented by the public with a security deposit. Sleek screens, high-tech lights, and powered shades create a hip, futuristic vibe. A wall, along with noise reduction clouds, easily divides the 2,065 squared space if a smaller venue is needed. Meeting rooms are controlled via a touchpad out front that lights up red when the room is reserved.

One issue for Holland Basham Architects, who created the space, was how to connect employees for easier interaction. 

“It was like a Tetris puzzle to work out the departments,” associate partner Mike Eckmann explained. 

An open floor plan created another challenge. White noise filtered into the building reduced the disquiet. This was especially important for the third-floor collections department. 

Furniture choices, such as mobile pods, invite employees to work together. Soft seating sectionals, modern wingback chairs, and high-top tables contribute to a shared environment. 

“This has been a change for our employees as some were sharing cubicles in our former environments,” Ann Helm, executive vice president, Retail and Administration, mentioned.

Photo by Bill Sitzmann

 Helm wanted to ensure employees had an invigorating workspace that provided a positive working experience. Employees still have secluded areas, such as wellness and phone rooms, if needed. Bathrooms, each with a bold theme color, provide floor-to-ceiling stall doors. 

The fourth floor, tinged in lime green, houses the executive area. The massive well-lit breakroom, though, is the defining feature. An illustration featuring Nebraska, including a drawing of the Centris president waving from a yard, adds a fun touch. Employees can buy prepackaged and fresh food with a touch of their fingertips in the company kitchen. Or someone can enjoy the living green roof on the patio while grilling. Radiant heaters keep it warm on cooler days. If stormy, a NanaWall folds glass doors in like an accordion, allowing fresh air to blow inside. 

For the employees, it means not only joining forces, but feeling energized to come to work after a pandemic. The day of the B2B interview, Cox planned to walk the 1.58-mile scenic trail once he finished with his lunch. 

“It’s good to have everyone around,” he added.

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