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60+ Prime Time: Scott Peters, 71

May 27, 2021 04:16PM ● By Nicholas Moore
scott peters on stairs with dog

Photo by Bill Sitzmann

Only a handful of guys can pull off wearing a kilt or an ascot. Retired Council Bluffs attorney Scott Peters is one of them. He also understands the difference between dressing seasonally and occasionally, the latter giving him the confidence to wear a kilt for his annual scotch tasting, tweeds for shooting, or a tailored pinstripe suit to court. 

He didn’t grow up in a fashion-conscious family and found his fashion stride as a young man. Peters fell in love with the “town and country” aesthetic and began amassing a wardrobe replete with the icons of that lifestyle: Hermès ties, Harris tweed, polished oxfords, and field-worn brogues. 

His parents may not have taught him the appropriate attire for any season or occasion, but he attributes to them learning life’s most important lessons—kindness, compassion, and honesty. Peters described two cases early in his career where he knew he could beat the defense, but the case was wrong. In the first, he fired the client well before the trial; and in the second, he did go to trial and won but regretted it. Peters grew from those early experiences because of those qualities instilled by his parents. He’s certain that if they were alive today, they be prouder of his rectitude as a man than of his lengthy legal career or his wardrobe straight from the pages of GQ or Garden and Gun.

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