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Offutt AFB Advantages Over Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama

Mar 26, 2021 04:27PM ● By David Brown
David Brown, president and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber

The effort to attract the U.S. Space Command Headquarters to Offutt Air Force Base continues. I want to describe the rationale for the headquarters being located here, rather than Redstone Army Base in Alabama. 


Mission Synergy. Offutt is mostly a war-fighting base with substantial experience in the space war-fighting mission, with U.S. Space Command embedded in U.S. Strategic Command for 17 years. 

Workforce. Offutt has proven it has a productive, highly trained workforce, and can attract the talent necessary to operate the Space Command. Our past and present reflect this as evidenced by the exceptional staff supporting StratCom, the 55th Wing, the 57th Weather Agency, and the U.S. Space Command for 17 years. 

Regional Civilian Airport Access. Eppley Airfield in Omaha has nearly three times the departures as Huntsville Carl T. Jones Field
in Alabama. 

Telecommunications Capability. Offutt has the most sophisticated communications infrastructure of any base in the country. 

Energy Resilience. In measures of energy resilience, including reliability, renewables, interruption frequency, and cost, Offutt is superior to Redstone Arsenal. 

Community. Our data show that the quality of life here exceeds that of Huntsville.  

Education. Offutt boasts the sixth best educational record in the country compared with the designation of 50th for Redstone Arsenal. 

Community Support. Offutt can show levels of unmatched community support, including university support, the portability of professional licenses, public and private support of the base, a unique multi-state regional UARC Consortium, and support from Fortune 500 and 1000
corporate headquarters. 

Cost of project. State, local, and private investments in this project of more than $100 million makes Offutt the most cost competitive of any location. 

In short, Offutt is the best choice for the new headquarters and we will continue to make that case to decision makers.

This article was printed in the April/May 2021 issue of B2B Magazine.