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Greater Omaha Chamber: Here’s to 2021!

Jan 18, 2021 08:48AM ● By David Brown
David Brown, president and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber

I never thought that I would so look forward to seeing a year in my rearview mirror. But with this year of “firsts,” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The Greater Omaha Chamber runs on a calendar year, so this is the official time for us to assess our performance for the past 12 months. And I will tell you that this has been both our most difficult year in memory and our most impressive.

A worldwide pandemic resulting in a worldwide recession? Sure, why not. We will figure out how to help our community and our members work through it and out of it. Nationwide social justice protests and high intensity demands for civil rights reform? Absolutely we can engage in those efforts in a major way. Accomplishing goals set for economic development, public policy, placemaking, membership, small business, and talent? Yep. Check the box. Pivoting all of our events from in person to virtual? Drop the mike! Did that, too!  

In the midst of all of this turmoil dozens of community projects have moved forward all across the region. Developments have continued and new projects continue to be announced. It has been truly amazing to watch these dreams come to fruition at this time when we needed them the most. 

Clearly, the year was full of challenges. And unfortunately, either as a result of illness, loss of a loved one, extreme weather or loss of a job, we know that there are many among us who have not done well this year. The community has come together to support those who need it and while there were more challenges than any of us wanted, there were enough wins to realize just how special this place really is. Let’s make 2021 a year we want to remember.

This column was printed in the February/March 2020 issue of B2B Magazine.