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How Important is This Social Media Stuff? Managers Weigh In

Jan 17, 2021 01:18PM ● By Sara Locke
Tom Luke, Kurt Goetzinger, Jessica Luna

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Love it or hate it, social media is currently one of the most accessible and effective ways to communicate with potential clients and customers. We connected with three local experts, who shared insights into creating meaningful interactions online. Meet Tom Luke, Owner of Luke Direct Marketing; Kurt Goetzinger, Owner of Omaha Advertising; and Jessica Luna, Owner and Creative Director of J.Luna LLC.  

B2B: How is social media used by your company?

TL: With consumer internet usage on the rise, standing out in the sea of competition is crucial. As a Social Media expert and Digital Marketing company I use social media to brand, show expertise, and generate leads for both Luke Direct Marketing and each client’s company. 

KG: Social media is a game-changer for every small business. We use it regularly to keep in front of our current clients and to draw interest from potential new ones. I post at least a couple times a week to Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

JL: We use social media as an extension to our client’s overall brand and voice. We strategize a creative content calendar to ensure we are staying active, relevant and telling their story.

B2B: Is it effective? 

TL: Messaging that is relevant and unique to our user’s needs and experiences is no longer optional, it’s expected. Even in this most challenging year, we have seen many businesses achieve significant online success. 

KG: Because we are a B2B company, our returns are not typically immediate – but I have absolutely found the investment of time and creative energy in posting to social worth it. I believe every business who deals directly with their customers (retailers, restaurants, service industry, etc.) MUST take advantage of social media.

JL: Yes. Although some content may have lower interaction, every post is an opportunity to relay your message and receive feedback from clients and customers, to see what resonates with the audience and build from there.  

B2B: Is there a downside? 

TL: In 2020 we experienced tighter community and ad standards on platforms. Knowing how to stay compliant when doing ads has become crucial. I’m developing a Facebook Compliance Class to share with small business owners in 2021. 

KG: If you aren’t willing to spend a few dollars to boost a post or target an ad, you may be wasting your time. It doesn’t cost much, but worth it.

JL: It can be wasteful to spend time and money on a platform that isn’t relevant, or doesn’t provide traction for your brand. It’s time consuming on our end in ways clients may not see, but we are becoming the voice of their brand, which takes time and effort to remain active with daily fresh content and interaction. 

B2B: Is it being managed in-house or outsourced? Is this the best way?

TL: Every business is different in what they have time to do. Focusing on what matters most for your business, and outsourcing to experts what you cannot do well, can have meaningful impact on the bottom line. 

KG: Because we’re a creative agency, we manage our own social media. We also handle some clients’ online presence because they’re busy running their business. Additionally, it’s beneficial to have a fresh perspective handling your promotions.

JL: We run social media for clients, in addition to creating their brand or serving as brand manager. If we take on an established brand, social media is part of an overall marketing plan that we execute. It depends on what support a brand has in-house and if they are able to strategize a successful content calendar with quality content.

This letter was in the February/March 2021 issue of B2B.

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