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Streck: Connie Ryan

Jan 13, 2021 08:38AM ● By T S
Streck chairperson and CEO Connie Ryan

Biotechnology company Streck is known for its proven proprietary science and high standards in the development and manufacturing of quality control and diagnostic products in hematology, immunology, molecular diagnostics, infectious diseases, and urinalysis for clinical and research laboratories. Today, its products are manufactured and delivered to more than 13,000 labs in 65 countries. Streck holds several dozen patents on more than 20 products, and the company makes testing and reagent materials for some of the industry’s leading instrument manufacturers.

“Many of our products have been first to market,” Chairperson and CEO Connie Ryan said. “And many times we have continued to command the lead in the market as we do in a number of our products today.”

Ryan, who has a medical technology degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), joined the company in 1982 and rose through Streck’s technical services, product, and sales management departments before reaching the executive level. She’s seen the company grow steadily right through to the present day; in November, Streck opened an additional facility for manufacturing, distribution and office space southwest of 108th and Harrison Streets in La Vista. The new facility is located south of its 200,000-square-foot main facility and the company also owns a sizeable parcel of adjacent land to ensure there’s room to grow.  

“[Our facilitites] are designed for the products we make and we’ve always kept it very up-to-date,” Ryan said. 

Streck’s workforce includes laboratory technicians and scientists along with hourly skilled labor and other support employees. The company strives to offer an environment that promotes career advancement and growth along with an innovative culture and inclusive working atmosphere, Ryan said.  

“We have 400 employees in jobs from manufacturing and distribution to R & D [research and development], finance, and sales and marketing,” she said. “The success of this business is directly related to the commitment of our people.”

Because of its ties to the health care sector, it is imperative that Streck operations continue during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan added. Sanitation standards are stringent even during everyday operations and include ozone sterilization at night.

Manufacturing and distribution personnel wear lab coats, gloves, face shields and other
protective equipment.

“We did send home 75 people who worked in cubicles and at desks, because they could work from home,” Ryan explained. “But our manufacturing and distribution people, they had to work here. We’re an essential product company and what we make has to be shipped every month. They came to work and we provided all they needed to be safe.” 

As part of the community for nearly 50 years, Streck has developed partnerships with UNMC, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and
Creighton University. 

“We have an incredible community with a knowledge and skillset that makes it a great place for a company like Streck to be,” Ryan said. “They’re always willing to support us and help us and give us advice.” 

7002 S. 109th St.
La Vista, NE 68128