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K Watson Group, LLC: Karen Watson

Nov 30, 2020 01:29PM ● By T S
Karen Watson of K Watson Group, LLC

It’s not simple to construct an elevator speech for the three-faceted K Watson Group, LLC, but president and founder Karen Watson applies a faith-based approach to everything stating, “I believe impossible can happen.”

The St. Louis native, who earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting, and a master’s degree in corporate finance, had a successful career in the corporate world. She held staff and executive leadership positions in multiple industry segments, including transportation, defense, and health care before leaping into entrepreneurship. 

Watson shared that her passion is not just about being a business owner, but rather solving business-related problems. She believes she was born with an entrepreneurial spirit; always feeling as if there was something more. She loves change, the variety it brings, and enjoys the ability to do different things.

Watson had valuable leadership and organizational insight to share. She said, “my father was a mechanic, and hanging out with him piqued my interest in learning how to repair broken things. I love solving problems and I have a passion for making things and people better.”

Faith is a powerful influence for Watson. She serves her church under the leadership of her husband, Pastor Demetrius Watson, who founded the New Fellowship Christian Church located in North Omaha.

Watson uses “faith, family, and friendships” as guiding principles, and has found a way to honor all three through K Watson Group, a “consortium of business units that provide services and products focused on health, vitality, and growth,” she said.

Watson’s solutions-oriented consulting practice, launched in 2008 as her first business endeavor, was recently rebranded to be called “Lead the Herd Solutions.” She explained that the use of elephants in her branding reflects her style, which is similar to that of a matriarchal elephant “who leads the herd with wisdom and experience.”

In 2019, K Watson Group acquired the majority stock shares of International Filter Manufacturing Corp. The Litchfield, Illinois-based company manufactures heavy-duty air filters for automotive, commercial, and industrial markets. This year, the company began producing disposable surgical-grade face masks, becoming one of a few companies actually manufacturing this style of PPE (personal protective equipment) in the U.S.

IFM was founded by a minority woman in 1987. Today, the company remains 100% minority owned. “I’m honored to acquire and lead a company that has such rich history as being woman and minority owned since its inception,” Watson said. “There are not many women manufacturers, and there are even fewer who are women of color.”

Watson enjoys fellowshipping with women of faith. Since 2012, she has hosted an annual conference for Christian women, “The StandFast Conference,” as part of a personal ministry that includes a website and blog at

Watson believes she has witnessed the impossible happening by finding her niche on all three fronts.  

She said, “I love everything I do for the organizations and people I serve. I render services, sell products, and maintain spiritual balance. I have the best of all worlds.”

117 N. 32nd Ave., Suite 201
Omaha, NE 68131